Tuesday, January 02, 2007


The New World Order will be here by 2012

I never believed the United States of America could be reduced to a totalitarian state until recently. I certainly never believed it would be here by 2012AD but now I am certain it will.

Here is my prediction on how this will happen.

The Bush Administration

It always bothered me why we were involved in such a costly war in Iraq. It seemed to me that we were doing nothing except killing our soldiers and spending enormous amounts of money, billions of dollars. This was especially alarming since we had come so close to balancing the national budget.

It is an unpopular war, no one wants us there and it is being forced down our throat with unconvincing logic and rhetoric. There is only one conclusion that makes any sense to me at all.

The Bush Administration has us involved in Iraq purely for the purpose of draining our financial resources and creating a national debt we can never recover from. Why would they do this? Read on for the startling answer.

The Obama-Rodham Clinton Administration

The Bush Administration is becoming increasingly unpopular and the general voting public is beginning to polarize against him. He suffered a major loss at the mid term elections. This polarization is so strong it can only have been planned as a deliberate action. His strong arm tactics and callus disregard of the voting public are angering voters across America. There will be a reactionary vote against him in the 2008 elections.

It is a certainty that a Democrat will be elected president in 2008 or is it? The two strongest contenders appear to be Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Can a black man or a woman be elected president of the United States? Is the voting population ready to make that big of a step? Most certainly not. Still, I am convinced Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States and Hillary Rodham Clinton will be vice-president.

They will be propelled into office by the same forces that propelled Bush into office for the last two terms. Why? The New World Order, that's why. Playing both ends against the middle is an old game in politics and has always worked well with the International Banking community. In today's world being a Democrat or Republican does not matter. Both side are working for the same thing. The illusion of conflict is for those minds too small to grasp the larger picture.

Have I lost my mind? How can I say things that don't make any sense? Sadly they do make sense. They make too much sense and the total vision is horrific. Let me explain.

The Bush Administration has almost completed its directive of plunging the United States into unrecoverable debt. They have done this and continue to do this by spending billions of dollars on a war that no one wants or believes in. The true cost is in American lives.

As this happens the baby boomers are beginning to file for social security for the first time. They are also old enough to need more medical care straining an already stressed medical system.

The combination of massive war debt, baby boomer social security payments and increased baby boomer medical care will not hit the Bush Administration. It will hit the next administration. Who ever is elected president in 2008 will be blamed for the worst financial crisis in living memory as the entire government structure begins to collapse under a financial burden it can not deal with.

This brings us to the Obama-Rodham Clinto administration. Imagine a world where the jobs have gone to China and Mexico. A world where social security is not able to deliver what it promised. Imagine millions of aging baby boomers needing medical care and not able to get it.

Who is going to get the blame? Who is in charge? A black man and a woman! In times of crisis and stress old hatreds and predjudices flame. This is simply reality at work in desperation. The population will blame the wrong people as gender and racial tensions soar to explosive proportions.

There will be nothing the Obama-Rodham Clinton administration can do to save the economy. They will try the only way they know how, by massive government spending on social programs. This is money that can't be balanced. There will be no way to get this money from the population through taxation although they will try. They will try what FDR tried.

The Anti-Christ in 2012?

If you think the voting public is polarizing against Bush it will be nothing compared to how they will polarize against the Obama-Rodham Clinton administration. Things will become so bad that martial law will be in place. The public is already being mentally prepared for martial law through television shows like "Jericho".

Martial Law, Totalitarianism, Facisim are all the same. The voting public will be looking for a leader to get them out of crisis. They will turn total control over to the person elected in 2012. Is it coincidence that the year 2012 is the last year of the Mayan Calender? Is it coincidence that enough people believe the end of the world is coming they will create it? Will the people of the United States turn control over to the Anti-Christ in 2012?

The most damning thing of all is that these events are all carefully planned and executed by individuals that can not be stopped. These things are going to happen. This is my prediction of an inevitable chain of events leading to an inevitable conclusion. Perhaps a better question is how can we survive?

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