Friday, April 27, 2007



This weeks highlight is about chaos theory. Have you ever wondered how there can be so many people and none of them alike? That is classic chaos theory at work. We can all be indentified as human and carrying the same pattern that makes us human but there are infinite variations. This new science is going to turn our world upside down.

There are some interesting topics this week. Protecting our Children asks some very hard questions.

Remember to check those that are not on the big screen. I've been posting a forum on blogit so if anyone reads blogit they can stop by and say hello.

Many thanks for being patient about the longer posts. I know they are a bit too long but it was important they were posted as single items. They will be getting shorter. The average is about two pages in length with some long ones scattered throughout the material. In case you haven't figured it out I am updating all of the main blogs about once a week. That means everyweek there is totally new material. If you don't like what you see today perhaps you will like what is here tomorrow!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Massacre at Virginia Tech

The tragedy at Virginia Tech has stunned the American public. This time it can't be blamed on religious extremists. Just when we were almost convinced that terrorists=Muslims something like this comes along and changes everything.

My heart goes out to the famlies involved in this tragedy. Something like this should never have happened. Now as we take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again it might be time to consider why these things are happening.

Why are ordinary people going "Postal"? Going on a shooting rampage has become so common we have even given it a slang term. Each year seems to have more school shootings than the previous one. What makes the shooting at Virginia Tech more special is the number of victims and the fact of it taking place on a University campus.

In this heart stopping moment can we take the time to consider why these things are happening and what is needed to correct the ills in our society responsible for these behaviors? I doubt it. All I can envision is an angry mob demanding tighter laws and restrictions than ever before.

Today's technical world has moved us into a world where machines and technology create a reality where there is no slack or forgiveness. More and more people are being trapped into corners with no way out and they are breaking. Our society has become so ridgid and dehumanized that humans can't live in it. The answer is not more restriction and more law. The answer is more humanity and more forgiveness.

The shooting at Virginia Tech was a cry for help against a world that offered no other way out. The difference is that now it's not postal employees or highschool students. This time it is higher education that is failing us.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Duality-Sexual Alchemy

This is the final essay on duality. The first essay described the normal progressive ego development of a male. The second described an opposite path of progressive ego development belonging to the female. This final essay describes what happens when these two paths collide. Is it love at first sight? Are we really that different? These are all interesting questions and there might never be true answers.

In other news I'm joining webrings and hoping I might attract new readers. I've also created the "Modern Survivalism" webring for the best self empowerment sites on the internet today. If that describes your site join the "Modern Survivalism" webring today.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


More Changes

And the changes continue!

"Magister Templi" and "Modern Survivalism" are in print. "Magister Templi" needed a different cover, especially after the killer cover for "Modern Survivalism". You may have guessed that "Modern Survivalism" is the title I'm going with instead of "Foundations". It seemed much more appropriate.

Panther Tracks is running the second long essay in the 3 part Duality series. Only one left so bear with me. It is awesome material and does strange things to people as they read it. The Duality series is an initiation all by itself. I could almost say it was channeled material. I don't think I could have come up with it myself.

"Magister Templi" has absorbed the material from "Magick, Mystery and Madness. You will be seeing it later on toward the end of the book. "Magick, Mystery and Madness" is not going to be public material but only available to the OAK membership. It will be as advertised my own personal book of shadows complete with initiations and rituals as well as lots of personal information and experiences. In the meantime the "Magick, Mystery and Madness" blogs will be used to showcase newly developed 3rd Degree material. This material will eventually go into "Anarchist World", the 3rd Degree study materials.

"Modern Survivalism" has absorbed the material from "Alligator Alley". This is appropriate since the survivalim material in "Alligator Alley" was more about self-empowerment than about Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry. The "Alligator Alley" blogs will continue to be used to develop new material specifically derived from Rosicrucian and Masonic topics along with other resources. This will become the 3rd Degree material when combined with the material from the "Magick, Mystery and Madness" blogs. Are we confused yet? I'm just doubling the output on the 3rd Degree material. I hope to have it in book form by next fall.

This blog will continue as my weekly editorial. I'm hoping a personal touch will help people feel more at home here. Remember to check the other serialadventures. "Modern Survivalism" is being posted. It is simply not on the big screen. Neither are the two "Anarchist World" blogs with the 3rd Degree material.

Let's not forget Tobal and his friends if you haven't read "Anarchist Knight".

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