Monday, August 27, 2007


The Charge of the God and Goddess

"Listen to the words of the God and Goddess. Whenever you need anything, once a month and better when the moon is full, assemble in a secret place and call on us, the guiding spirits of the human race, male and female. We shall answer your deepest questions and help your magicks. You are meant to be free, to dance, sing, feast and make love with our blessings. For the blessings of physical life and the blessings of spiritual life are meant to be as one within the human heart. Keep your highest dreams and strive to make them real. Let nothing stop you or turn you aside. Accept our blessings and help because life is meant to be a joy of the heart. we believe in peace and freedom and reunion with those that have gone before us into the spirit worlds. We, male and female can be found within the dust of the earth and the light of the stars, and our awareness encircles the universe and binds it to our wills.

In our union is the beauty of the green earth, and the white moon among the stars, the mystery of the waters, and the desire of the heart of man. We call upon your soul to arise and join us in the creation of nature and the expansion of life into the universe.

From the union of male and female all things must come and all things must return. Rejoice therefore in the duality of life and let your worship be acts of love and pleasure, beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence.

Know also that we are within you, male and female and if you can not find our union within yourself you will never find it within another person. We were within you before you were formed and will be within you at your death. Rejoice"!


Modern Wicca and Paganism

Wicca and Paganism are the religions of the future and not of the past. This essay will serve as an introduction to a modern variety of both. I realize many Wiccans and Pagans will have their own versions but some standard will arise and I believe that standard will be closely reflected by the points in this essay.

The thoughtful person recognizes life has not come out of the void. There must be a higher Creator/Intelligence that has fashioned our universe. This ultimate Deity is beyond human comprehension and equally beyond human reach. Like the Freemasons we can call this First Source the Grand Architect of the Universe and leave it at that. There is no more to say except it has nothing to do with the Practice of Modern Wicca or Paganism.

Likewise we recognize through modern science the basic building block of all matter is the photon and its reciprocal electricity. The Grand Architect of the Universe created the universe out of light and electricity. Science tells us that matter and energy are interchangeable. The photon expands outward in all directions until it can go no further. Then it collapses inward upon itself and returns back toward the point of its origin as an electrical pulse. This is vibratory motion and duality in action.

Modern Wicca and Paganism are not in conflict with modern science, psychology or electronics. Instead they propose a view of reality that embraces them all in harmony with magickal practice, religious practice and nature.

For the Wiccan and Pagan the photon/electricity is the first expression of male and female energy. The outward expansive energy is called male energy and the inward embracing energy is called female energy. Thus both Wicca and Paganism share a common understanding of the absolute duality within creation. In union the male and female create a cycle that is complete and stable.

At the cosmic and planetary level the sun and the stars as givers of light are seen as male. Outer space, the galactic center and the earth and moon are seen as female. These are physical manifestations of male and female energies and Symbols of a Great God and Goddess.

Paganism holds the vital life force within all living things as sacred. One might consider the practice of Paganism to be the worship of the life force in all living things. There is a circle of life and a balance to nature that must be maintained. To live in harmony with nature’s cycles is to live a pagan life.

Wicca contains Paganism within it. But Wicca is much more because Wicca is about the human race and the survival of humanity into the future. The human race is a single organism and we all share a common collective soul. We are all part of each other. To hurt someone else is to hurt yourself in the largest sense.

The religion of Modern Wicca is the worship of the human Collective and the guiding intelligence of the human race embodied as God and Goddess. When we say the Goddess we mean the Collective feminine guiding intelligence of the human race. When we say the God we mean the Collective masculine guiding intelligence of the human race. Together they form the collective soul of humanity. Since we are all a part of them, they may at times speak through us. This is an important part of the Wiccan religion.

What is the difference between a religion and a personality cult? A true religion offers spiritual and mystical experience along with the development of the individual soul and its powers. Each person is allowed to grow spiritually. Each person is expected to find their own path and develop the “Christ” within their own heart. They are expected to listen to the still small voice of their conscience as the “God/dess of their heart.

A personality cult does not allow this. Only the founder of the personality cult has exclusive right to spiritual and mystical experience. Others can not do what this divine person has done. Sadly Christianity once was a true religion. Christians were told to pick up their own crosses and walk the same path as Jesus. They were told they could do the same miracles and have the same experiences. Christians were told to become “Christs”.

Today Christianity has degenerated into a personality cult where one is told to “cling to the cross” and have faith in the power of Jesus to save them. They are not encouraged to have mystical experiences or follow the inner voice of their conscience. External authority does the thinking for them. The literal interpretation of symbolic literature assures those in power remain there. Believers will get their reward after they have died.

Both Modern Wicca and Paganism are profoundly religious and offer internal guidance with mystical and magickal experience. Both deal with the reality of living a right life in the present moment. The concept of reincarnation ensures that all karma and unresolved issues must someday be confronted. There is no escape from cause and effect. We must create heaven on earth or live in a hell of our own creation. This is a responsible position and teaches the need to deal honestly with life.

The development of the individual soul and its powers is an important part of Modern Wicca. This is done through hard work and the generation of physical, sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual energy on a daily basis. The work is cumulative and the development of the soul is certain.

Each individual soul has a male and a female aspect to be developed. Physical genetics only allows XY chromosomes to generate male energy and XX chromosomes to generate female energy. The development of each individual soul requires both male and female energy. We get the needed opposite sex energy from our love relationships with others.

The sharing of male and female energy can be physical and sexual or it can be non-physical as in platonic friendships. The Great Rite of Wicca is a symbolic enactment of this sharing. Wicca is about love and male/female relationships and the development of the soul and its powers through this sharing.

In love relationships something is created within each person and it grows as the energy is exchanged. This is the great secret. This is the great balance of male and female that exists in all things. This is duality.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Full Moon with Sun in Virgo

I'm just adding a bit to the wheel of the year info. This full moon coming up on the 28th of August marks the final harvest of the lower astral levels. You can expect some heavy astral activity till then including dreams.

It seems that activity will take place on the astral or on the physical but not on both. Heavy astral activity is marked with not much going on physically and vice versa. After the full moon expect a shift to physical manifestations. The astral harvest will be complete for the rest of the season.

Its hard to put into words that make sense but I will try. Like the printing que on my computer many printing jobs can be lined up at one time waiting to be printed out. This full moon will complete the printing que of physical events lasting up to the End of October. Major long term events were finalized last fall and began manifesting last November. These events have been printing out over the past winter, spring and summer with some minor changes. This period is simply the final edits to a manuscript that has already been written many months ago last year. The end of October being the pagan new year and the time when the veil between worlds is the thinnest. It is the time when a new printing que begins.

We can just wait at the basket and grab the papers as they are printed out or continue working on 2008 projects that won't see results until next year sometime. The cut off for our major changes in the 2008 projects is the autumn equinox. The month before the autumn equinox is the most powerful time of the year for last minute changes to our long term plans.

Like a cosmic game of chess we take our move and the following period after the equinox belongs to the Cosmic and Collective to make its own move in answer to ours. We have given our long term plans their best shot and now any opposition will try to find loop holes and weaknesses.

In the meantime we remain busy with the final material harvest and reaping what we have sown.

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