Sunday, October 29, 2006


Anarchist Knight:Apprentice ebook and paperback

Download Anarchist Knight:Apprentice for $3.00!

Yes it's true! I've cleaned up my act and Anarchist Knight:Apprentice is now anatomically and gramatically correct. (At least better than ever) I've gone through the entire manuscript correcting spelling errors, dialogue errors and indenting paragraphs. If you don't like reading it two pages at a time skip the ads and download the entire book for the price of a cup of coffee and a donut!

Better yet if you are the type of person that simply needs to have good books in your book case Anarchist Knight:Apprentice is now available as a 300 page paperback book! It would make an awesome Christmas gift for someone you care about or even for yourself! I make about $1.60 on each sale.

Does this mean I'm done? Hardly. Those of you that have stayed with me from the beginning of this adventure have seen me grow as a writer and a story teller. This is simply the next phase. What I need now is feedback from my readers telling me what works and what doesn't work. Things they would like to see changed or more attention spent on.

I am asking you to help me out here. Give me comments and feedback! Let me know if you want to read the second book, Anarchist Knight:Journeyman. Help me make this product better and sell it by word of mouth. Better yet let others know what you think! Go to:

Anarchist Knight:Apprentice Fan Site

You don't need to join or register, just write a post or leave a comment. It would mean a lot to me.

Anarchist Knight:Apprentice started out as a comic book. Back in 1990 I wanted to draw and write my own comic book and made a few preliminary drawings and basic plot outline. I didn't get very far and it sat for several years neglected.

Ten years later I was working night security at the local casino and brought a voice activated recorder to work with me to pass away the long hours. My dictation was garbled with radio chatter but the plot and basic storyline began to emerge.

(to be continued)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Pushing a Chain-Part 3

The last part of my pushing a chain metaphor deals with society and social change. Any social changes are slow in coming and fast when the happen. Part of this is because like a chain we are all linked and connected together.

I might mention the political situation as an example. Anarchist World was created out of my frustration with the Bush administration and politics in general. The pendulum has swung far too much in the direction of totalitariansim and Big Brother. The One World Order is humanities greatest nightmare and everyone seems to be pushing that chain!

Vote Democrat and you are voting for the One World Order. Vote Republican and you are voting for the One World Order. We are given choices that are not really choices. They are the illusion of having choices.

It's time to consider the real choices we have, the ones that bring personal empowerment. That is what Anarchist World is about. Anyone that takes the time to check around on the site and within my serialadventures will realize my message is not the same old thing. It's something new! But yet in a comforting way my message is as old as time itself.

Self evident truth is that way. You can hide it and run from it for decades but there is no escape. Our society and culture is built like a multi-level marketing scam or pyramid scheme. Everyone forgets that someone needs to go door to door and sell the product!

Well that's what I'm doing. I'm going door to door and selling the product of personal freedom and self empowerment. The chain will not go any further toward totalitarianism because I won't go any further toward it. Like a link that gets caught or snagged, one person can stop the entire chain! One person can make a difference! Imagine what a hundred, a thousand or several thousand can do!

Friday, October 06, 2006


Pushing a Chain-Part 2

In part one I mentioned how starting a new project is like pushing a chain down the road. You encounter new and increasing resistance from seemingly everywhere. I also mentioned that this happens to everyone and is universal.

I would like to continue the analogy of the chain a little further. Suppose we have a pile of chain that we are pushing to the side of the road. The side of the road is a cliff or steep drop off. As we push the chain near the edge a few links fall over the edge and begin to drag other links of chain over the edge with them. Soon the chain is being pulled over the edge by it's own weight and you couldn't stop it if you tried.

This also happens in real life when your project reaches a certain point where it becomes self-sustaining and develops it's own momentum. This may happen quickly or it may take a long time. The point is that if it never happens there is something wrong with your project. It makes no sense to expend energy on something that brings no return. That is a poor investment of time and energy.

In scientific terms this is also how a quantum leap is made. Our pile of chain has gone from the center of the road to the side of the road with our help and then as it falls over the cliff it makes a quantum leap into a radically new postion at the bottom of the cliff.

You can see this concept at work in all areas of life. Things resist change almost like they had rubber bands attatched to them. As we apply more effort the final resistance is overcome and things rapidly snap into place like they were propelled by those same rubber bands!

Once they are in the new position they stabalize and resist further change. They have made a quantum leap and now they are trying to maintain the new position.

This concept is so pervasive I could give thousands of examples. You go to college and study hard and it seems like you will never finish. After several years the final resistance falls away and almost like magick you graduate. You have made a quantum leap into a new state of being, that of a college graduate. It is a permanent change and brings personal empowerment and the chance of better employment options.

A final observation is that the resistance portion of this cycle takes a long time and the quantum leap portion happens almost immediately. This is why most of our lives seem caught up in struggles. The transitional successes are of short duration as they propel us into a higher state of being.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Pushing a Chain -Part 1

It's much easier to pull a chain down the road than push a chain down the road. So why does life seem so much like pushing a chain instead of pulling one?

This is an interesting question and has a metaphysical answer because in many ways life is like pushing a chain down the road.

When we begin a project and apply our energy to it complications arise almost immediately that siphon away reserves of energy and effort. This is so true that many metaphysical and spiritual traditions refer to the phenomenon.

When Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden of Eden the entrance was blocked by an angel with a sword that turned in every direction. The concept of a sword turning in every direction is much the same and pushing a chain.

Parsifal was doomed to wander every road upon the earth until he found salvation. Wandering every road is another way of saying the same thing.

Another biblical reference tells of every stone in the field being turned against those that earned the wrath of God.

In ordinary physics we might find an useful analogy in the damming of a river and creating a resevour or lake. The water will try to escape in any direction possible and will only rise when there is no other possible choice.

When we set upon an enterprise we encounter a similar phenomenon that is universal. That is why it is at times easier to be pulled by someone else than insist upon working toward your personal goal.

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