Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Getting in the mood

Anyone else having trouble getting in the Christmas mood this year? It's kind of crazy because things have been going much better for me than they have in a long time. I really should be enjoying having a bit of success and basking in the glow of completed work.

Instead I seem to be struggling with some ill defined anxiety that I can't really place. It's just a feeling of tension that doesn't want to go away. For some reason I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop and it doesn't.

Alot of what I'm feeling has to do with the bittersweet feelings I have around my blogs and Anarchist World. Anarchist World is turning into an ezine rather than a community. I remember my first experience of falling in love and then being rejected. No matter how much I wanted a relationship it took two people not just me. If other people don't feel like sharing I need to accept that and move on.

Serialadventures is meant to be a resouce other authors can use to list their own serials. I just got flamed for bringing it up in a different forum. There are just not a lot of warm fuzzys coming my way right now and I've put out a lot of effort. I'm tired and need a break.

Starting in January I will be quitting my weekend job and using the free time for writing. While I am looking forward to it, right now I'm feeling a bit discouraged.

On the positive side there is a continued interest in my web sites. There is a slow but steady growth in readership. I recently started posting Anarchist Knight:Apprentice for the 2nd time without a loss of readers! In fact there seem to be more readers than during the first run.

Oh, I almost forgot. Guess what I'm giving for Christmas this year? Copies of my book! At least it makes most of my Christmas shopping easy!

bright blessings

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you! I'm soon off to a turkey dinner with my wife's relatives. It will be a long drive and a long day but it should be fun.

The exciting news here is that the second run of Anarchist Knight:Apprentice has started and if you haven't read it you can get in on the beginning of this exciting book. That means of course that I really need to spend more time on book II.

I will be quitting my second job the first of the year to devote more time to writing. Please be patient with me since writing a book is a lot of hard work even if I love it.

Other news is that the Serialadventures page is up and running and I hope to draw other authors to sign up and share their own stories.

Both Anarchist World and Serialadventures are designed to allow other people to share their own material with a quality readership. I encourage people to use the service and express themselves. This is a free world and freedom of speech is one of our greatest rights.

Does Anarchist World or Serialadventures need other people? Not really. They can function as stand alone resources for my own projects. Every hit on every blog increases the search engine ratings for all of my pages. This is a long term project and a gain in readership is inevitable. I am here to sell my books. Of course I need to write them first!

bright blessings

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Completion is great!

Back in February of this year I started posting episodes of Anarchist Knight:Apprentice on the internet in various blogs.

Today I posted the conclusion of the first book! It was really a great feeling. I will be taking a week off and then restart the story again at chapter one for those that missed it the first time.

Anarchist Knight:Apprentice ebook and paperback

Download Anarchist Knight:Apprentice for $3.00!

Yes it's true! I've cleaned up my act and Anarchist Knight:Apprentice is now anatomically and gramatically correct. (At least better than ever) I've gone through the entire manuscript correcting spelling errors, dialogue errors and indenting paragraphs. If you don't like reading it two pages at a time skip the ads and download the entire book for the price of a cup of coffee and a donut!

Better yet if you are the type of person that simply needs to have good books in your book case Anarchist Knight:Apprentice is now available as a 300 page paperback book! It would make an awesome Christmas gift for someone you care about or even for yourself! I make about $1.60 on each sale.

Does this mean I'm done? Hardly. Those of you that have stayed with me from the beginning of this adventure have seen me grow as a writer and a story teller. This is simply the next phase. What I need now is feedback from my readers telling me what works and what doesn't work. Things they would like to see changed or more attention spent on.

I am asking you to help me out here. Give me comments and feedback! Let me know if you want to read the second book, Anarchist Knight:Journeyman. Help me make this product better and sell it by word of mouth. Better yet let others know what you think! Go to:

Anarchist Knight:Apprentice Fan Site

You don't need to join or register, just write a post or leave a comment. It would mean a lot to me.

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