Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Reaping the Harvest

By now everyone should have some idea of what kind of harvest they will be reaping this fall. The new energy has a bite to it and people will either feel a marked release of stress or a marked increase.

What is happening is the earth has become astral and events are propelled by what we believe more than by physical reality. What this means is our narrow thinking will get us trapped into a corner if we are not careful. If we have prepared ourselves our thinking will bring us new opportunities. We act upon what we believe to be true and the results come more quickly than before for good or bad.

At the same time physical reality seems to harden around us and not respond to our efforts like it has in the past. That is because physical efforts are no longer as effective in creating physical change. We will find ourselves working harder and not getting anywhere. The thing that is needed is to change our way of thinking to something more open-ended and successful.

The answer comes from viewing the world in a new way. The world does not change but our way of relating to the world can and that will bring change into our lives. In biblical terms we have entered the "Tribulation". The bottom line is to keep doing what you are doing if it is working. If life is really dumping on you it's time to rethink your path. You might not be able to change your circumstances but you might be able to find peace.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Emptiness of the Soul

We all know them, perhaps we are one of them, those people that go through life without joy or expression focusing exclusively on the needs of the material and living vicariously through other people.

We are born with a physical body that has its own awareness. It has been called the Shadow, The Id, The Subconscious and the Evil twin or etheric double. Plainly speaking it is a secondary personality whose main function is to keep our physical body alive and ensure the perpetuation of the human species. It is not our awareness.

It exists as a fully developed astral body created out of the astral energies of 32 electrons that form the seventh and final outer shell of the heaviest possible atom. These electrons in astral form are the 32 bits of awareness or sensory perceptions used by the Shadow in its interaction with the world. We might say the Shadow sees the world in 32 shades or sensory inputs. It is fully functional and not integrated with the normal human ego.

At the opposite end of the spectrum the innermost electron shell has two electrons representing the elements Hydrogen and Helium. At birth this astral body is also active and has been called the Collective, Our Higher Self, SuperEgo and Holy Guardian Angel. It is also a secondary personality and perceives the world in black and white. With only two electrons for sensory input black and white imagery is the only thing possible. At this level the architypal reality of the universe is simplified to a basic living dual pole energy system.

Of the seven possible electron rings two are already used at birth by secondary personalities. That leaves only five left for the normal human ego to grow into as it develops.

The second has eight bits or sensory data and represents the abstract ability of logic and reasoning. This is enough to conceptualize and make simple models of reality in our minds. Mental reasoning lacks the complexity of the real thing and much is always lost in the translation. Thinking about sex and having sex are just not in the same category. We are not born with any bits of awareness in this area and may live our entire lives with impaired logic and reasoning abilities. The full development of these sensory data only come from using them on a constant basis over a period of time. Many people deliberately avoid using their minds. They will not read or think abstractly about anything. Others find great joy in feeding this area of their soul.

This area is in close contact with the Higher Self and often receives impulses as spiritual directives or guidance. These come to us as "illuminations". These "illuminations" are often the answer or solution to some problem that we have become ensnared in. We seek these spiritual insights because they help us get out of messes.

The third ring forms our sense of self and normal human ego. It also has eight bits of sensory data. We use these eight bits of sensory input to perceive the world. This corresponds to the eight human senses, vision,sound,taste,touch and smell as well as others that are not recognized but may include pain,motion and weight. Taken together they create our mental awareness of the world we live in.

We are not born with any bits of awareness in this area and may live our entire lives with impaired sensory abilities including blindness, deafness, the inability to feel pain and others. This is our core sense of self and the most developed of the five. We usually don't feel empty except for lack of self-esteem. Gaining a deeper awareness of the world we live in develops our self-esteem and our ability to be successful.

The fourth ring forms our upper emotional self and contains 18 sensory emotional inputs including love and joy. We are not born with any sensory awareness in this area and it needs to be developed through successful interaction with the outside world. Art, music and other forms of creative expression develop these abilities. We hunger for them because they feed and nourish deep areas of our soul. It seems deep because it contains 18 inputs and is incredibly rich and complex. These are emotions and difficult to explain or put into words and bring into conscious awareness. We simply feel them.

The fifth ring forms our lower emotional self and also contains 18 sensory emotional inputs but these are not as pleasant and much more challenging. They include fear, anger, hatred,depression and apathy. We are not born with any sensory awareness in this area and it is developed through our conflict with the physical world. We are frustrated because we perceive the world through 8 senses and it is not that simple. Our perception of the world is not adequate and we develop this area by pushing through to successful conclusions. In this way we gain more accurate knowledge of physical reality. These are actually 18 more "senses" that need to be developed. Some might call them instincts.

The sixth ring forms our sexual and physical natures as we experience them. This sensual area of the soul is extremely rich having 32 sensory channels to overwhelm us. None of these are developed at birth but are closely associated with the Shadow. The Shadow will send impulses and directives to help ensure the survival of the human body and the human species. At times these directives will be stronger than the normal ego and take over. As this area is developed so is the connection to our Shadow aspect.

What we call the human soul is those bits of sensory input between the Holy Guardian Angel and the Shadow. It is created of bits of mental functioning, conscious awareness, higher emotions, lower emotions and our physical and sexual nature. We grow our soul from birth onward and we hunger for completeness.

Those people with complete souls live rich lives. After integrating the Holy Guardian Angel and the Shadow aspects they can perceive the world through all 118 senses. They can see and experience things others people can't. This is the basis of all psychic ability and all magickal ability.

They live in the same world as the empty people only it is not the same world. The colors are richer, the sounds are more varied and the experiences more subtle. They do not live in their heads but in harmony of richness with deep meaningful experiences.

Friday, July 13, 2007


The Nature of Hierarchy

To deny the existence of hierarchy within nature and within our daily lives is to invite disaster and constant struggle and suffering. There is nothing wrong with being at a low spot in the hierarchy or being in a high spot. The problem lies in not being in the correct spot.

Looking back on my life I realize one of the largest mistakes I have ever made was to not accept a position when it was available to me and I was the most qualified for it. This is a recipe for the greatest disaster imaginable. The person assuming the position would constantly feel I was a threat and I would always feel I did not really need to take them seriously.

With ability comes responsibility. That is one of the laws of the universe and has been taught by the mystery schools of all ages. Those that refuse or abdicate their positions do not only themselves but the entire world a huge disservice. As much or more harm comes from this error as having the wrong person in positions of power and authority. When the correct person will not step up to the plate the wrong person will step up and try to do their best even when it is beyond them.

Hierarchy is enforced by the human collective. Positions of power and authority are granted and leaders are entrusted to do what is right for us. We as voters choose from the available choices and the winner is the one that has the most support.

Like it or not the American collective chose President Bush as our leader. They also chose to participate in the war in Iraq. The human collective has the force and power of God. It chooses its leaders and is obligated to follow them. The relationship is a two way street.

Since the human collective represents the lowest common denominator of humanity and not the highest it is slow in change and slow in making up its mind but when it decides to act its speed will be blinding. No wonder the Illuminati study the science of influencing the human collective and manipulating it in the direction of their own goals and desires.

The missing element is the role of humanity's teachers and mystics that appear from time to time. The human collective is always slow to change. It resists change fiercely and puts down any threats to the status quo quickly and effectively. What happens when the old ways no longer work?

It is the task of the mystic or magus to find new ways of doing and believing. It is their task to oppose the collective when it is wrong and force the collective to change and move into a new direction. The mystic or magus feels the entire human collective working against him or her. It is as if every stone in the field is turned against them. There is no compromise possible. The polarization must be complete.

In this the collective must be for or against the mystic/magus. Either choice serves to ultimately bring about desired and needed change. Ultimately the mystic/magus has the evolutionary force of life and the universe on his or her side and the human collective must bow to the new ways of understanding and doing.

Those that accept the new choices find a place within the new paradigm. As long as they are not in conflict they are given freedom to think and do as they will. This is how it is in nature and the wild and how it will always be. The new collective will from that point on support and enforce the rule of the new paradigm. This major shift in the human collective is called the "New Age".

Those that resist this change will be expelled from it like the physical body resists and expels disease. The human collective is the body of humanity. It is in the process of making this paradigm shift right now. There is a new hierarchy forming and the old hierarchy only has the remnants of power given to it by those few that still believe in the almighty dollar, the war in Iraq and the fading vision of Christianity.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Hurting Times

These are hurting times for me as I proceed with a divorce and contemplate solitary life and everything that means. My current writing projects on the importance of community don't help much. I'm going first one way and then the other blindly seeking a path that is meaningful. Transitions have never been easy for me.

You might notice I've changed the section at the bottom of the page to "Finding Love". I had an extra blog at the bottom of the page and was using the module simply to place ads. I decided against that idea and thought it would make a good technology forum but I'm soured on technology right now. I want people not computers.

I've got a lot of material on romantic love that I can share and hopefully it will keep me motivated and give me some hope as well. I don't want to live in front of a computer terminal. I want to live in a relationship with a real person. That means I've got to do some things differently than I have been.

I've been in love several times with different people. Some of those relationships have been short lived. Some have lasted years. The love has always been real for me even if it might not have been real for the other person. Unrequited love sucks!

My current wife and I were married seven years, got divorced and then remarried for another three years. You can't say we didn't try making things work. We tried very hard to do everything we could to make things work between us.

Perhaps the most difficult thing has been a lack of common ground and interests to share. This followed by overwork and pressures from her children and from my children all contributed to a relationship dynamic that bound us in place and wouldn't let either one of us move forward in the direction we wanted to go.

It is love that is allowing us to move forward with this divorce. Fear is what has kept us together far longer than we should have. Fear of being alone and fear of hurting the other person.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


An Even Further Step Back!

All I can say is this is a very dynamic time for me personally. It is full of changes and challenges as I try to thread my way through a maze of possibilities and thoughts that buzz through my head.

The one thing I remain certain about is the importance of Anarchist World and its global message of modern survivalism. Preloading the site makes regular maintenance and upkeep a minimum and allows more free time to be spent on new projects. Its the new projects that have me stumped.

I love the idea of sharing dynamic rss webpage technology and other open source internet alternatives but I hate the thought of spending hours in obsessive work sitting at a computer terminal. That is not what living is about. More than ever I need to get out and socialize, get a life! Community is important but flesh and blood community is most important.

Local activism and sharing of a common lifestyle and value system is needed more than anything and I still don't know the best way of achieving that. I can't sit at the computer and be out in the local community at the same time while working two jobs seven days a week. Something has to give. My marriage already has. Its time to consider priorities and restructure to fit a new lifestyle that is more human and rewarding.

As previously noted this is not going to affect Anarchist World. Anarchist World is already self-sustaining to a large degree. What is most likely is that I will begin to explore local resources and community and spend less time with technology or internet activities. This is a simple choice of human flesh and blood over electronic contacts and communications.

It will affect some of the new webpages and internet technologies that I was planning to develop. If anyone is interested in pursuing those areas you need to let me know and begin participating in the community forums. Without feedback I will only go so far. I am not interested in lurkers, I'm interested in doers.

I will bend over backwards for someone that is willing to do something. I have no time or sympathy for someone that spends their life surfing the net and reading the words of others without sharing their own thoughts and opinions. Community is the next step. Be willing to share. I have been.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Taking a few steps back

I'm taking a few steps back and putting things in perspective. Anarchist World has only been online for around nine months. I have only gotten through "Anarchist Knight" one time and everything else is in the first time through. It's all pretty rough yet even though a definite form is taking shape.

In talking about a webpage contest this fall I'm jumping the gun and perhaps being unrealistic and pushy. It would be nice to have such a contest but I'm wondering if I can raise enough interest to get participants. People are simply not ready yet.

OAK is a modern mystery school and Anarchist World is the outer circle. The first three degrees of Freemasonry are called the "Blue Lodge". It is said that there is no more to true FreeMasonry than the first three degrees. All the higher degrees are philosophical and speculative. They are not really needed.

In Wicca or witchcraft there are only three degrees echoing this same concept. Like Freemasonry in it's original form it is called the "craft" and one year and a day must be spent in a particular degree before you can move on to the next degree.

The Rosicrucian Order AMORC was a derivative of "The Ancient and Primitive Rite" of Freemasonry organized by John Yarker. It never claimed to be "Masonic" and avoided the fate of its competitor, the OTO.

The OTO or Ordo Templi Orientis followed a similar pattern under the re-organization by Aleister Crowley. This Order claimed to include all branches of FreeMasonry under one umbrella and simplified all of the Masonic degrees down into ten degrees and three stages or circles. The "Outer" was termed the "Man of Earth" degrees and given freely to any of good report.

The "Man of Earth" degrees consisted of the first three degrees with the inclusion of a fourth as a transitional stepping stone into the second order.

Taking a step back we see a pattern of ego and soul development with distinct stages that can not be rushed. Each person must fully experience the power and force of the lower degrees and gain a mastery of them before moving on to the higher degrees and the "Inner Order".

Anarchist World contains the essential elements of these four degrees and is the "Outer Order" that is open to the public. The information is given freely without thought of return or commitment.

"Magister Templi" contains the essential first degree teachings for conceptual initiation into a new world and a new way of looking at the world. In any mystery school the first task is to learn the general concepts and gain a general understanding of what is expected. The expectation of OAK is stated on the very beginning of Anarchist World. Each person is expected to follow the inner voice of their own conscience and their own "inner authority". We might even term this a type of mental re-programing that brings about spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. The information is placed in your hands. What you do with that information is up to you.

"Modern Survivalism" contains the essential second degree teachings for personal survival and self-empowerment in today's world. In this degree you are expected to put into practice what you have learned and gain a solid mastery of your own life. Through effort and hard work everyone is entitled to a modest home, a modest income and a modest life that is harmonious and satisfying. We might call the second degree as getting your act together.

"Alligator Alley:Modern Survivalism contains the essential third degree teachings about community and the human collective. Brotherhood and collective goals are important and where the real power is. Anyone that has achieved wealth and fame has gotten it through the human collective by providing a product or service that others are willing to pay for. In the bible Jesus said that he was able to perform miracles because people believed in him. This is what the third degree is about, believing in others and having others believe in you.

Knowing something and doing it are two separate things. In the OAK system the first three degrees are for "lurkers". These are people that are interested in the material but not willing to join a community or come out of the closet in support of Anarchist World. Their stage of ego development has not reached the stage where they feel comfortable in meeting others of like mind and values. Their ego is not strong enough to move into open association and commitment to the position taken by Anarchist World. They are not ready to come out of the closet and move into the higher degrees.

The Anarchist World Community is the next step and represents the fourth degree of participation in a collective group of like minds and spirits. If Anarchist World does not feel like home then you don't belong here. It is really that simple. If it does feel like home, make it your home. You are with your own people for the first time in your life.

In the creation of Anarchist World I've stumbled across a way to create dynamic rss webpages. This is an important advantage for anyone trying to do business on the web but not that important to others. What is important is finding people of like mind and spirit in your own local community. This is the function of the higher degrees, finding a local community of flesh and blood that you can belong to. In the meantime it is possible to find needed support within the internet community.

I have no intention of marketing dynamic rss webpages to the public. It would be casting pearls before swine. Any of the Anarchist World Technology is for the membership. It is for those that believe and share the same values as I do. It is for those willing to take the plunge and participate within the Anarchist World Community. It is for those willing to act upon what they know and what they believe. It is within this context that I will create dynamic rss webpages for anyone interested in trying them out.

If you feel like you belong here and this is your home consider asking for a dynamic rss webpage. You will need to provide the blog created rss feeds. I will use those feeds to create your dynamic rss webpage to try for 30 days. If you are interested in entering a webpage contest you can use your webpage for free until the conclusion of the contest on the Autumn Equinox. More information will follow.

bright blessings

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