Thursday, May 29, 2008


A Personal Update

I can't believe May is almost over and June is right around the corner! I'm still crazy busy but my work hours are being cut back. Things are in a bit of a slump right now! That's good news and bad news. It means I will have quite a bit more writing time to get some projects off the ground. That's good news. The bad news is that this website is not an income producer and I've got to spend some time with things that might make a bit of income. Just a simple fact of life.

So of all things, I'm in the process of translating some German texts from my favorite author, Hanns Heinz Ewers. Much of his stuff is now in the public domain and freely available to work with, at least here in the United States where anything published before 1923 is considered public domain.

The translation work is going real slow because I haven't used any German since 1980! It is getting easier the more I do. I will put a small exerpt in the open topic area so you can see what I'm getting into and why I love doing it.

For the most part Hans Heinz Ewers wrote horror stories so you will eventually see some links to transated stories on the site. They will be ebook downloads at a minimal cost with a few real books as I can get them out. We are talking years of work! I will try putting closure on most of the projects I've currently got going but time is limited.

Friday, May 09, 2008


Can You Survive the New Age?

The casual visitor to this site might not realize just how important the self-empowerment information contained in Anarchist World really is. It is all too easy to push things off as crackpot opinion and continue a life of mediocrity.

Our physical world and events are driven by the non-physical world that supports it. It is a pressurized system that is driven by global, collective and individual pressures. If you are not using your physical body to generate energy and pressurize your own non-physical body you will be at the mercy of outside non-physical pressures. There are physical, sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual pressures that effect our lives.

OAK-A Modern Mystery School and the Order of Anarchistic Knights are serious movements toward human excellence using the best of traditional and modern technology and techniques. I challenge anyone anywhere to find better self-empowerment information!

In the New Age the average person will simply no longer be competitive and it will take high effort just to maintain the status quo.

Physical Energy- The base line effort will require at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise everyday to maintain minimum health. Modern medicine is already advocating this and insurance companies are joining in through the promotion of employment related fitness programs. The benefits of aerobic exercise can not be denied or debated. If you are not doing this much physical exercise each day you are already losing.

Sadly these efforts are not enough to produce the energy spikes needed for soul development and magickal empowerment. It is the creation of energy spikes that is most important. The goal is not to generate energy but to channel the energy of the earth. This requires a connection to the earth’s energy grid. Traditionally this has been done through some variant of the martial arts. A Russian Kettlebell workout is just as effective as is the use of almost any Dragon Door Product. The bottom line is that if you don’t generate enough physical energy to have vivid dreams you haven’t done enough. Vivid dreams in which you are empowered are the sign of success in the astral realms.

Sexual Energy- The base line is that healthy sexuality is an important factor in physical, mental and emotional health. Birth control including vasectomies for men as well as sexual and reproductive education are becoming the standard in today’s world. Sex for pleasure is vital in developing a charismatic and magnetic body. If you do not have healthy beliefs and attitudes about human sexuality you are already losing.

Sadly these efforts are not enough to produce the energy spikes needed for soul development and magickal empowerment. The goal for the generation of this energy is the permanent development of astral bodies. These include non-physical bodies created from sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. Tantric Sexual techniques including those that prevent sperm loss in males are needed on a daily basis to make significant progress in reasonable amounts of time. Once more vivid dreams that are empowering are the sign of success in the astral realms.

Emotional Energy- The base line is that we are all emotionally damaged and in need of some psychological therapy and emotional release. Trapped and repressed emotions make some people walking time-bombs waiting to go off. If you haven’t worked on your emotional wounds you are already losing.

Sadly these efforts are not enough to clear energy pathways to allow further magickal and soul development. There can be no pockets of trapped and repressed emotional energy in the fully functioning soul. Dual energy channels need to be opened and maintained within the physical and etheric body. The Duality essays in Magister Templi begin this process and the OAK Energy Ball meditation completes this process by working with spiritual energies and harmlessly releasing the most dangerous repressed and trapped emotional energies. In my opinion the effect is similar to Dianetics processing but faster, more effective and much simpler.

Mental Energy- The base line is that in today’s world you need a college education and be skilled in a specialized work area. Sociology makes it plain that the most powerful way to rise to a higher social status is through education. If you don’t have a college degree you are already losing.

Sadly a college degree is not enough to progress in the competitive world of the New Age. What is needed is a global knowledge and a unified belief system that creates unbeatable advantages and allows cross discipline knowledge to be accessed and applied creatively in new ways. You need to think outside the box if you are going to get ahead! When you don’t know or are in doubt you hesitate and hesitation is not the way to win. The self-empowerment material in Anarchist World provides advanced concepts and self-evident truths that burn away the philosophical errors pervading our society. If you want to think outside the box visit Anarchist World to find out how.

Spiritual Energy- The base line is that your entire life needs to be in harmony with the earth’s energy grid or it will destroy you. At the least this means having a materialistic and realistic view of life. You need to be competent in what you do or you will not get physical results. This involves stress reduction through meditation and other spiritual practices.

Being competent is not enough! You need to be able to project into the future and plan ahead for unforeseen obstacles and events. The further ahead you can plan into the future the better your chances for eventual success. It is the development and permanent activation of the non-physical bodies that gives the extra-sensory perception required to make unfailing choices. A purely materialistic world view is not enough. The best way to make permanent contact with the earth’s energy grid is through initiation. Initiation allows instant connection with the earth’s energy grid and realignment of the subtle bodies.

In summary this New Age is a very competitive place and the minimum requirements just to hold your own are:

30 Minutes of daily aerobic exercise
A normal sex life with the practice of birth control
Some form of support and Psychological therapy
A college education
Meditation and other stress reduction practices

If you are not doing these things on a daily basis you are already falling behind. You life is not being pressurized enough to maintain your current life conditions. OAK and Anarchist World are talking about reaching beyond these things into the realm of human excellence. The choice belongs to you!

Saturday, May 03, 2008


The Return of the Dragon Kings

I have mentioned that the human race is in the process of taking an evolutionary leap forward and I want to clarify what I mean. The new race of humanity will have abilities that are not currently considered normal.

We currently have the knowledge and technology for unimaginable changes in what it means to be human. The Better Baby Institute has proven for several years the importance of high stimulation and learning of children under six. At this age they are like sponges and learn most of the things that they will learn in life including language and motor skills. It is criminal to leave children in environments that lack interest or stimulation.

Modern Psychology now knows the dangers of abuse and how education can prevent much of the damage that has been done in the past by untreated victims of abuse situations. We know what is needed and it is only a matter of time until the general population is educated as well. We also understand the importance of birth control.

Dragon Door and Pavel Tsatsouline with his Russian Kettlebells have uncovered the secrets of superhuman health and conditioning. Pavel Tsatsouline is a former Soviet Special Forces Trainer and knows what he is talking about. Russian Kettlebell workouts generate massive physical energy bursts in short amounts of time. Daily workouts pack the physical body with vital energy. This energy is packed into the bone marrow and facia as well as the muscles of the physical body and create a powerful non-physical etheric body that is almost unstoppable.

Tantric sex methods that flood the body with sexual energies and circulate it up the spine pack the physical body with this type of energy as well. This energy builds astral bodies that enhance endurance and psychic abilities.

Examples can be made for emotional and mental enhancement as well. This is a new world and a new type of person is being created that is stronger and more resourceful than what we consider as ordinary.

I am going to use the strange metaphor of the reptile as an illustration. In my area snapping turtles are sometimes caught and butchered to eat. This is an extremely difficult task because the snapping turtle simply will not die. The vital life energy it holds continues to animate its physical body for over 24 hours after its head has been chopped off. Its limbs will move and try to get away from anything that pokes it. Many other reptiles are the same way.

A martial arts master could be called a Dragon. His or her physical body is so packed with this vital energy that he or she is almost reptile like in the ability to stay alive and do almost impossible feats of endurance.

Imagine if you will a human that has packed so much of this vital energy into their physical bodies that they become like the snapping turtle. Imagine the endurance and the vitality. Imagine how competitive they would be against a normal person. Over the long term there would be no contest. The normal person would not have a chance in open competition.

This is what a person with a fully developed soul might be like. This is what the new human race might be like. When I talk about an effort based world I'm talking about a world where effort is used to pack this vital energy into the physical body for physical,emotional, mental and spiritual health. We know have the technology to do this. Low effort lifestyles are obsolete and those not willing to put out effort are going to suffer. This is the new era of the Dragon Kings and Queens.

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