Sunday, September 10, 2006


Moving Right Along!

One month ago I never dreamed that I would be creating an online community based on rss feeds. I was busy simply trying to keep my serialadventure ebooks updated in a timely manner. My goal has been to keep Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure episodes coming every other day and strive to update the others once weekly.

Anarchist World has taken a huge chunk of my time and energy especially with the server crash and the need to start over from scratch. It's strange that it never occured to me to just give up.

Anyway, posting episodes in my ebooks has taken quite a hit these last weeks and I'm hoping that will improve a bit soon. There is just too much to do and not enough time in the day.

Anarchist World is currently available in three versions online. Anarchist World Live is the main web page that updates itself hourly listing all current posts. I need about 10 hours listing this on current web page directories.

Anarchist World is the blog version and will not update by itself. I need to do it manually and right now am updating it every two days. I need the blog version because blogs are the way to go and Anarchist World is created out of community blogs. This needs to be listed in blog directories on the internet. I've already spent over 5 hours doing that and need around 5 hours more.

The third version is the RSS feed created by Anarchist World. is the address for this feed. This allows people to subscribe to the rss feed and veiw it on their own rss feed readers.Thankfully this is being listed at the same time Anarchist World is. I should be done after another 5 hours.

In the meantime each of my six serialadventures need to be listed in the directories. This is a task I've avoided for a long time. Each will take around 10 hours to do it properly.

Let's not forget posting episodes and creating some content for the community forums and I've got lot's to do. Please be patient with me while I get things listed in the directories. Getting things listed is the main way people can find the sites and that is important. Once its done I don't need to do it again. Its a one time deal and now is the time to do it while the community is still new. It will pay off later.


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