Monday, September 25, 2006


Settling In

I'm settling in to the new routine. Anarchist World Live updates itself and I've been updating Anarchist World daily. Anarchist World has an rss feed for those interested. I will be getting links made later with subscription buttons.

This is still a major learning process for me and strange unexplained things still happen. One example is that "Wheel of the Year" will not update but remains stuck on the picture of the pine tree. That means the rss feed is being created but stuck in the past. Why that should happen I have absolutely no idea.

Other strangeness includes why will pick up some of the rss feeds but not all of them. If I was more technologically experienced I might be tempted to look into these things and try to understand what is happening. That might still happen later. Right now I'm still recovering from major hassles with server crashes and home computer problems. If things work halfway as they should I'm inclined not to mess with them.

In other news blog flux just informed me that Anarchist World is now listed with them. Last time I looked Anarchist World had 67 rss subscriptions. That's not bad considering it is less than a month old.

till next time

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