Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Pushing a Chain-Part 3

The last part of my pushing a chain metaphor deals with society and social change. Any social changes are slow in coming and fast when the happen. Part of this is because like a chain we are all linked and connected together.

I might mention the political situation as an example. Anarchist World was created out of my frustration with the Bush administration and politics in general. The pendulum has swung far too much in the direction of totalitariansim and Big Brother. The One World Order is humanities greatest nightmare and everyone seems to be pushing that chain!

Vote Democrat and you are voting for the One World Order. Vote Republican and you are voting for the One World Order. We are given choices that are not really choices. They are the illusion of having choices.

It's time to consider the real choices we have, the ones that bring personal empowerment. That is what Anarchist World is about. Anyone that takes the time to check around on the site and within my serialadventures will realize my message is not the same old thing. It's something new! But yet in a comforting way my message is as old as time itself.

Self evident truth is that way. You can hide it and run from it for decades but there is no escape. Our society and culture is built like a multi-level marketing scam or pyramid scheme. Everyone forgets that someone needs to go door to door and sell the product!

Well that's what I'm doing. I'm going door to door and selling the product of personal freedom and self empowerment. The chain will not go any further toward totalitarianism because I won't go any further toward it. Like a link that gets caught or snagged, one person can stop the entire chain! One person can make a difference! Imagine what a hundred, a thousand or several thousand can do!

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