Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Getting in the mood

Anyone else having trouble getting in the Christmas mood this year? It's kind of crazy because things have been going much better for me than they have in a long time. I really should be enjoying having a bit of success and basking in the glow of completed work.

Instead I seem to be struggling with some ill defined anxiety that I can't really place. It's just a feeling of tension that doesn't want to go away. For some reason I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop and it doesn't.

Alot of what I'm feeling has to do with the bittersweet feelings I have around my blogs and Anarchist World. Anarchist World is turning into an ezine rather than a community. I remember my first experience of falling in love and then being rejected. No matter how much I wanted a relationship it took two people not just me. If other people don't feel like sharing I need to accept that and move on.

Serialadventures is meant to be a resouce other authors can use to list their own serials. I just got flamed for bringing it up in a different forum. There are just not a lot of warm fuzzys coming my way right now and I've put out a lot of effort. I'm tired and need a break.

Starting in January I will be quitting my weekend job and using the free time for writing. While I am looking forward to it, right now I'm feeling a bit discouraged.

On the positive side there is a continued interest in my web sites. There is a slow but steady growth in readership. I recently started posting Anarchist Knight:Apprentice for the 2nd time without a loss of readers! In fact there seem to be more readers than during the first run.

Oh, I almost forgot. Guess what I'm giving for Christmas this year? Copies of my book! At least it makes most of my Christmas shopping easy!

bright blessings

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