Saturday, December 16, 2006


The Just Right Gift

I tried going shopping for Annie this week and walked around the mall in frustration. Each year Annie gives me a list of things she would like for Christmas and each year what she really values is that surprise gift that is just right.

I was looking for that just right gift and nothing was working. It was my first real chance to walk around and see what was selling these days. Lots of gizmos but not many things that come from the heart.

Not even the book store offered any solutions. I got a couple small stocking stuffers there and hoped she hadn't read the latest Dean Koontz novel. Sighing in frustration I went home and turned the stereo on.

Annie wasn't home and I had the entire house to myself. I slipped into that zone where I go when I'm deeply thinking about something as I tackled the problem of the just right gift. Gradually I felt something giving way in my mind and it came to me that Annie needed new clothes. The problem with that was I can't shop for her clothes. She wouldn't like anything I bought and it would probably not fit right.

I came to realize that I needed to take her on a shopping trip so she could pick out her own things and I would buy them. The time together would be nice too. I was working some overtime and had about $100 extra in my paycheck. My overtime money belongs to me. The rest goes into the budget. I would use that $100 for Annie's shopping spree.

The nice thing about it was that Annie is constantly giving to others and doesn't do much for herself. She has a big heart and will go without so her son or daughter can have something, not to mention what she does for me. It was time she got something back. Christmas is starting to be special at my house this year.

bright blessings

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