Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Merry Christmas!

Seems like I am finally getting into the Christmas spirit. I've got my wife Annie to thank for that. Plus I've got most of my shopping done and that helps too.

I'm feeling better about my internet activities as well. For some reason this past two months has been loaded with adversarial dreaming. For some reason I've better encountering lots of opposition in my dreams, almost every night. My dreams have also been more vivid than I am used to. They have included the ability to read within the dream and feel different textures.

Most of this seems centered around Anarchist World and my blogs. Today is the first day in quite a while that things seem quiet and stable. I don't like rough roads and fights in my dreams. Dreams mean a lot to me. They are a true reflection of an inner reality that is just as real as our physical one.

This means that the astral is going through some tough times or at least I am since dreams are astral events that reflect inner realities. We should be on the down hill slide though now that the full moon is over. Full moons are always intense and this past full moon was the last before the winter solstice.

Each conflict zaps personal energy and at this time of year you don't want to be running out! That's probably why it has been so hard for me to get into the mood this year. Every time I turn around I feel like I've been zapped and depleted of energy. It makes me so grateful for my CPAP machine that helps me sleep nights. I can be totally zapped and after a full nights rest wake in the morning fully charged and ready to go. The middle of this month is my one year anniversary for the CPAP machine.

It's been one entire year of good deep sleep! I never knew how good it really was.

bright blessings

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