Friday, February 23, 2007


The Present Moment

There is a point in time called the present moment. We are called to live with our awareness continuously within the present moment as it moves through the infinite possibilities that are available to it and to us.

Each one of us is a point of awareness living in our own present moments with individual possibilities available to us at any given point in time. What is available to us is unique and not available to anyone else. It consists of our personal beliefs, experiences and memories as well as our distinct physical and genetic makeup. We do not share these things with anyone else.

We are all living in the same universe and it is very much as if each point of individual awareness were a star in the night sky with it’s own location and orbit.

Each one of us can see a portion of the universe from a totally unique perspective that can never be seen or understood by anyone else no matter how similar their own view is. They are simply not us. We are not them.

The present moment is our time. Tommorrow will always be tomorrow and yesterday will always be yesterday. The ghosts of the past and the ghosts of the future can never be reached or experienced. If we don't have the ability to live in the present moment and take joy in it we never will find joy. Any answer we ever seek will only be found in the present moment. Any action that will lead to success will only be taken in the present moment. If we don't act in the present moment we have already lost.

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