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The Beginner on the Path

As prospective Pagans or Wiccans we believe in powers and abilities that other people don't believe in. We believe in magick and miracles and psychic healing among other things. Perhaps we have experienced something so unusual it can't be explained any other way. We have these experiences and want to believe in them. Even more importantly we want to be able to reproduce them at will. We want the power and ability to do magick.

Why can't we do them? At least at first? Why do strange things happen every once in awhile, especially when emotional energy is high, but can't be duplicated at will? The major problem is that most true magickal energy comes from within the earth and it needs to be controlled by the mind to be effective. This is similar to trying to control your heart beat with your mind, your mind seems to have no control over the beating of your heart. There is no connection developed. With practice it is possible to control one's heart beat with the mind after a connection has been developed. Most psychic phenomenon happen at a level that is below normal awareness and in an uncontrolled manner.

The question now becomes: How can our minds gain control over the magickal earth energies? There must be a link developed between the mind and the magickal energies of the earth. The mind must be able to contain, direct and control the earth energies.

This could be a complex and difficult task. First the major energy channels within the physical body need to be opened and toxic, repressed emotional energy needs to be safely released. After the energy pathways have been cleared mental energy needs to be transmuted into earth energy. The ability to transmute one type of energy into another type of energy is essential for anyone that is wants to work magick. In fact, it is the very essence of magick itself. This requires the development and mastery of all the Chakra centers and energies within the body.

The opening of the major energy channels within the body can be done fairly easily with the "Energy Ball Meditation". This meditation will also begin the process of linking and "phase locking" the chakra's together. It also begins the process and aids the development of transmuting one type of energy into another. The energy of one chakra will not transmute into the energy of another chakra until both chakras have been "phase locked" together permanently.

There are seven chakras and seven main types of energy to be worked with. These are:

The Crown Chakra
This is the energy of unity and when developed links all of us together and links us with "Spiritual Light" as "Source". Another term for this energy is "Abstract Spiritual". It is at the Crown Chakra that we contact our Higher Self and discover our True Will or reason for living. It is also at the Crown Chakra we connect with our "Shadow Self". Our "Higher Self" and our "Shadow Self" are united and linked for the first time when we activate this Chakra of unity. At this point we are learning to work together with all parts of ourselves.

Third Eye Chakra
This is intuitive energy that is beyond mental thinking. It is the energy that percieves how things really are at the foundational levels. This is the architypal level where things can be percieved as they really are for the first time. Another term for this energy is "Concrete Spiritual", "Christ Energy" or "Intuitive". This level functions above the "Great Abyss" since it requires a type of awareness that is totally beyond mental awareness. Magicians may reach into these levels for intuitive insights through meditation. A few people may have crossed the "Great Abyss" and have a permanent awareness that is centered at this level. These few are known as Masters.

Throat Chakra
This is the energy that we normally use in mental thinking and in magickal work. This is the energy that mentally contains and directs the lower energies of our magick. This is the energy of the adept and most astral duels and battles will happen during the development of this chakra and the astral body it requires.

This is the energy of the "Word" and the "Word" is magickal power. Another term for this energy is "Abstract Mental" or "Philosophical". With these levels we can creatively manipulate our thoughts to find solutions to our various needs. If we can't find a solution, we stay where we are. We use these mental energies to find a way from where we now are to where we want to be in life. This is also the level of the normal human ego. The "Energy Ball Meditation" will link and "Phase lock" these top three energies together in a permanent manner. That is why doing the "Energy Ball Meditation" will bring one to the "Adept" status of magickal working. It is also possible to use the "Energy Ball Meditation" to "Rise" in awareness beyond the "Great Abyss" and develop a permanent awareness at the intuitive levels of Magister Templi and Magus. Instructions have been given.

For the magick worker, the development of at least the Throat Chakra and downward is needed. The Throat Chakra is the level of the mental energies and the mind. Remember the mind needs to learn how to control the magickal energies of the earth. Energy channels need to be fully developed and mental energies need to be transmuted into magickal earth energies to contain and direct them.

Heart Chakra
The way of the Heart is the way of Love. This is where noble mental concepts combine with the emotions of honor, duty, patriotism and anything that is greater than the individual. There is not really any thinking with these mental energies, only an acceptance of those concepts that we each believe as fundemental truths in our lives. For the Wiccan or Pagan those general rules and practices that define a Wiccan or Pagan are embraced and lived as closely as possible and they are recognized by others. Here the lower ego makes a claim and a statement about who we really are and what we stand for in the language of society so that others understand. The way of the Heart is to come out of the closet and live in accordance to what we believe. This energy is also known as "Concrete Mental" and represents the "Common Truths" that bind all of humanity. For most of us, this is who we think that we are and what we stand for.

Solar Plexus
The energies of the Solar Plexus are the emotional ones of joy, satisfaction, contentment, excitement and curiousity. These are basic animal emotions and related to the physical body and it's many pleasures. Perhaps one of it's highest manifestations is that of music and the appreciation of music and art. Do we have enough joy in our lives? Do we dance or sing? Do we enjoy good food with good friends? Let's party! It is the emotions in life that make life enjoyable. We need adventures, quests, games and stories to get us through those long dark nights of the soul that hit from time to time. If we don't do fun things, we can't expect to have fun can we? Wiccan and Pagan ways are solidly based around these energies as well they might. The umbilical cord of the new born child brings life itself into the physical body at this point. The Solar Plexus is where we blend and merge all of the energies of our lives together in harmony and joy. If this center is not developed there is something wrong and out of place in our lives. We are not getting the pleasure out of life that we should.

In making the Solar Plexus strong we become like a child again in our ability to have fun and enjoy new things in life. We also create strong bonds of fellowship with the people around us. As we link our mental thoughts with this energy we learn to do what is termed "White Magick". This is a magick of good will and fellowship and is often connected with "group" energy. We enjoy the pleasure of others and they enjoy our own contributions. "An it harm none, do as ye will" might summarize this type of energy working. It does not directly affect the physical reality of nature as much as it affects our own or anothers appreciation of it. In short, we change to adapt to the circumstances in a way that keeps us content and happy. We are not really changing the circumstances of our lives.

Sex Chakra
The energies of the Sex Chakra are the energies of survival itself. Life survives through our children, this is one of the functions of sex. But passion, the anger that will let nothing stand in it's way, determined persistance and the satisfaction in developing a high level of competency at a skill or in life are all found within this chakra and these energies. This is where reality meets you and you meet reality...are you competent? Can you meet the needs of yourself and your family with ease or are you dependent on the life force and energies of others to get you by? These are hard questions and this is a hard issue that must be met head on in a determined way.

As we struggle to survive we find that some people can endure more than others. Some give up without even trying. The will to live exists at this level. Our minds and our mental thoughts and expectations must be integrated with physical reality if we deserve the right to live. Life requires competency and skill. Life is for the strong and the brave. We are each only as strong as the weakest link inside of us. A weakness for meth can destroy someone who is otherwise very powerful.

If we find ourselves wanting a sexual partner and not having one, it is because we are not competent in life or at this level. Let's face it, living at mother's at age 30 is a red flag in terms of a significant relationship and tells alot about how anchored the person is in real-physical life. Our society is in the habit of artificially supporting lifestyles and life forms that could not live in a self-sustaining way in a natural and wholesome environment. Full development of these energies will give compentence in life and a sexual partner if desired. Much of the magick at this level involves "need" and "survival". This includes fighting for what you want or need in an animalistic passion and competing with physical reality and with others for those "needs" in life. At this level there is not enough to go around. At this level someone is the winner and someone is the looser. The "Bounty of Nature" is a major lie at this level.

Once we learn how to work directly with the magickal energies of the earth we can say with truth and confidence that there is enough for everyone because in working directly with the magickal energies of the earth we can "create" those things that we need. But at the level of the sex chakra this is still a lie and should be fully understood. In general working magick at this level is a form of "Black Magick" and getting those things that you "need" might often involve harm to someone else that must then go without.

Root Chakra
Working with root chakra energies is what is often termed "glamour magick". In the development of these energies we learn how to manipulate the physical circumstances and the people in our lives to get the results that we want. We magickally "affect" our environment and change what would normally happen. Charisma and magnetic attraction can really get us into trouble if our minds are not linked and in control. Put bluntly, if we are not mentally in control at this level we become victims because various things are attracted and repelled by us. If this is all happening on an unconscious level our lives are truely in danger. This is especially true if we "think" we are in control when we really aren't. Think of the attractive prostitute on the street corner as an example or the teenager with raging hormones that wears provokative clothing. They might just be asking for trouble without realizing it.

It is the development of this level when linked with mental energies that a person can gain control over their physical lives. They can magickally determine how things will work out on a day to day basis with the exception of "going against one's true Will". The average magickal worker will develop the throat chakra,heart chakra, solar plexus, sex chakra and root chakra energies and gain intense magickal power to influence the direction of their own lives. If they are going against their true purpose however, they are doomed to fall at the height of their glory. For each magickal gain, there will be a corresponding weakness that will cause a problem later on. It is far better to find our what One's "True Will" is at the very beginning and not fight a loosing battle against one's self. This is done through the act of "Crossing the Great Abyss". It involves the uniting of the "Higher Self" and the "Shadow Self" under the rulership of the true EGO.

Root Chakra magick is basically that level of magickal work and development when consistent results are attained and the magick worker is confident in his or her ability to alter things through the use of magickal energy. It can be either "Black" or "White" or even "Grey". It is just an enhanced ability to attract or repell those things in life according to desire.

Earth Energy
Working with the energy of the Earth is done through the practice of drawing earth energy out of the ground and into your own self. The more that this is done through visualization, the greater the ability to do true magickal work. The visualization to drawing earth energy into yourself will in itself act as a way to connect your mental energy with the earth energy. The more that earth energy is circulated within the body, the more it will develop the other chakra centers. Some very strong and powerful Wiccan and Pagan traditions teach this drawing earth energy out of the ground and using it. When the earth energy is drawn into the body it is important that it is circulated upward into the higher centers so that a mental link and awareness can develop. Without the connection to the higher centers psycotic behaviors and bizzare happenings are a real possibility. That is why OAK uses the "Energy Ball Meditation" to develop and link the higher centers before directily working with the earth energies.

Cosmic Light and Dark Energies
The above energies are all variants of the cosmic Light and Dark energies. The Light and Dark energies are the "twin poles of the battery" that allow the magickal energies to flow throughout the universe. "Connection" to these "twin poles" will greatly enhance and accelerate personal magickal development by learning to "channel" energy instead of physically raising it each time you want to do magick. It will increase the "voltage" of what you are trying to do. An increase of voltage will be followed by an increase in current. An increase in current will strengthen the magickal ability to repell or attract as desired. The "Energy Ball Meditation" will also connect you to these cosmic energies and allow you to begin channelling them.

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