Saturday, March 10, 2007


Free Living

This involves a life style in which a person consciously chooses to live in the present moment as deeply and richly as possible experiencing as much of life as they can. They know they can not be or follow anyone else. They can only be themselves and experience life in their own unique manner and their own unique way.

It is time to become a true individual. It is time to become a God or a Goddess living in a free world. From your own unique perspective in this present moment behold the infinite opportunities that lie around you waiting to be chosen. It doesn't matter who or what you are. This message is the same for everyone.
In essence at our cores we are all simply photons or sparks of light that have evolved. We are all part of the same photon or spark of light as it manifests in different places and in different times throughout the universe. The unity of light binds us together.

Call upon your primal instinct and will to live in order to understand this message. It is the message of a warrior. Embrace the present moment as a sacred moment of infinite possibilities with all of your heart, mind and soul. Listen to this message and these words.

It is the "infinite possibilities" that are important, not the "present moment". Worship the "infinite possibilities" and they will open to you. Those that seek the "infinite possibilities" within the present moment rule over those that do not. Most people are falsely trapped within the present moment. They are fools!

Come out and play as a child in the delights of the present moment as it unfolds before you in all it's wonder and glory! Love, Joy, Rapture and ecstasy are infectious. Your happiness as you do this will be felt and shared by all things.

Love the spirit of life that flows through your veins and that flows through every moment of your life. Live and rejoice! You and your true mate will stand as God and Goddess . Rulers of the spirit and of the animal nature embracing each other as you embrace life in all it's manifestations and levels. You will be an example and in sharing your joy with others the human race will rejoice. For the two of you are true opposites joined in love.

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