Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Welcome to the New Anarchist World

Spring is the time to forge ahead and that is what is happening at Anarchist World. Magister Templi is in publication and I'm putting the final edits on Foundations. It will be available by Easter.They will both be offered as quality paperbacks and as ebook downloads.

There has been a lot of crystalization of concepts and ideas over this past year and it looks like the public OAK material will be organized into four books, Magister Templi, Foundations, Alligator Alley and Magick, Mystery and Madness. The first two are complete and the second two are going through development.

What this means in practical terms is that I only have four books of OAK material that this site will be offering. Odd topics like the Illuminati Protocols Commentary and the Federalist Papers will continue as well. When the material is complete it will simply be cycled through the Panther Tracks forum.

That's why you are going to see the Magister Templi material on Panther Tracks. There will be a few posts that are extremely long such as the current one. Please bear with me in this. I feel the benefits of sharing the post in its entirety out weigh the extra length. Most posts will be much shorter. After Magister Templi I will post Foundations in the same manner and continue with all four books in sequence. You can of course read any of them at any time by going to that blog or buying the book.

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