Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Massacre at Virginia Tech

The tragedy at Virginia Tech has stunned the American public. This time it can't be blamed on religious extremists. Just when we were almost convinced that terrorists=Muslims something like this comes along and changes everything.

My heart goes out to the famlies involved in this tragedy. Something like this should never have happened. Now as we take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again it might be time to consider why these things are happening.

Why are ordinary people going "Postal"? Going on a shooting rampage has become so common we have even given it a slang term. Each year seems to have more school shootings than the previous one. What makes the shooting at Virginia Tech more special is the number of victims and the fact of it taking place on a University campus.

In this heart stopping moment can we take the time to consider why these things are happening and what is needed to correct the ills in our society responsible for these behaviors? I doubt it. All I can envision is an angry mob demanding tighter laws and restrictions than ever before.

Today's technical world has moved us into a world where machines and technology create a reality where there is no slack or forgiveness. More and more people are being trapped into corners with no way out and they are breaking. Our society has become so ridgid and dehumanized that humans can't live in it. The answer is not more restriction and more law. The answer is more humanity and more forgiveness.

The shooting at Virginia Tech was a cry for help against a world that offered no other way out. The difference is that now it's not postal employees or highschool students. This time it is higher education that is failing us.

ordinary people? Come on, the guys has been to a mental hospital before.
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