Wednesday, April 04, 2007


More Changes

And the changes continue!

"Magister Templi" and "Modern Survivalism" are in print. "Magister Templi" needed a different cover, especially after the killer cover for "Modern Survivalism". You may have guessed that "Modern Survivalism" is the title I'm going with instead of "Foundations". It seemed much more appropriate.

Panther Tracks is running the second long essay in the 3 part Duality series. Only one left so bear with me. It is awesome material and does strange things to people as they read it. The Duality series is an initiation all by itself. I could almost say it was channeled material. I don't think I could have come up with it myself.

"Magister Templi" has absorbed the material from "Magick, Mystery and Madness. You will be seeing it later on toward the end of the book. "Magick, Mystery and Madness" is not going to be public material but only available to the OAK membership. It will be as advertised my own personal book of shadows complete with initiations and rituals as well as lots of personal information and experiences. In the meantime the "Magick, Mystery and Madness" blogs will be used to showcase newly developed 3rd Degree material. This material will eventually go into "Anarchist World", the 3rd Degree study materials.

"Modern Survivalism" has absorbed the material from "Alligator Alley". This is appropriate since the survivalim material in "Alligator Alley" was more about self-empowerment than about Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry. The "Alligator Alley" blogs will continue to be used to develop new material specifically derived from Rosicrucian and Masonic topics along with other resources. This will become the 3rd Degree material when combined with the material from the "Magick, Mystery and Madness" blogs. Are we confused yet? I'm just doubling the output on the 3rd Degree material. I hope to have it in book form by next fall.

This blog will continue as my weekly editorial. I'm hoping a personal touch will help people feel more at home here. Remember to check the other serialadventures. "Modern Survivalism" is being posted. It is simply not on the big screen. Neither are the two "Anarchist World" blogs with the 3rd Degree material.

Let's not forget Tobal and his friends if you haven't read "Anarchist Knight".

till next week

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