Sunday, May 20, 2007


Getting Close

I'm getting the page looking pretty good. Imagine my chagrin when it doesn't view properly on Internet Explorer but views fine on FireFox. It is a browser issue and beyond my ability to do anything about. The Wordpress blogs appear "centered" and not aligned to the left on IE. They display correctly on my server, on the backup webpage and on FireFox. The first two blogs are blogger blogs and they are not affected. Go figure.

My old RSS program would not display "" properly and left them as code. What you are now veiwing is a RSS program called "Feedforall". Overall I think it gives Anarchist World a more professional look and ties things together than zfeeder did. The feeds look clean, at least in FireFox.

The future posting mechanism seems to be working fine and I haven't done anything for several days as far as posts go. They have been updating automatically. I've spent most of my time trying to fix glitches in the programs and code. Nothing seems to work. Remember these are rss feeds with links to the original blogs so if you miss something you can go to the blog and read it later at your convenience.

This marks an entire new direction in my internet activities and frees up alot of time. I'm looking forward to working on "Anarchist Journeyman"! I also have artwork to do since all of the tarot cards do need to be represented with a card sooner or later.

-bright blessings

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