Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Talk about Chaos!

Talk about chaos! Things have been crazy and I have been pondering the direction I want Anarchist World to go. You may have noticed there are more ads at Anarchist World. I need to find some way of generating a bit of income to support my habit. If you are interested check some of them out. There won't be any more than what are already there. You may find new links clearly marked at the bottom of the site if you choose to explore them.

I've balanced this with a lot more content. Starting today I will be updating one of the forums daily and another every two days. If you snooze you lose. The material is going to be going as fast as it comes. A few of the others will be weekly. In fact, as this progresses there will be many more selections of material to choose from. The Federalist Papers will continue with larger chunks of material to digest and be updated more often as well.

I'm hoping I can settle into a new system without burning out and see how things go through the summer. In the meantime I will see you around.

The plan is simple. Anarchist World needs higher rankings on the search engines and the best way of doing that is to have significant updates everyday. That's what I am going to do.

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