Wednesday, May 30, 2007


The Three Stages of Living

This year more than ever before I feel the energies of the earth as they change from season to season. It is gratifying to sense the natural rythm as my life has fallen into in accord with the wheel of the year.

The ancients in the mystery schools of the past always taught spiritual,mental, emotional and physical health using the words and wisdom of the era they lived in.

There have always been three degrees of initiation corresponding to the three degrees of soul development.

The first degree is always about healing and personal transformation. In today's world we call this therapy. We are only as strong as our weakest link and each link needs to be explored and strengthened as much as possible. "know thyself" has always been the phrase for this stage of work. We interact with the world and the world changes us. We learn about physical reality and adapt to it.

The second degree comes after the perfection of our personal belief system or paradigm. We have developed an unshakable understanding of reality and the world we live in. As we interact with the world it changes and we become empowered. The second stage of development is always about personal empowerment as we become self-reliant and self-sufficient. At the conclusion of this degree we can sustain our lives in a modest way by doing the things that we are meant to do. In today's world we call this objectivism and realism laced with materialism.

The third and final degree is always about society, politics and community. Wealth, power and riches always involve large populations. The larger a person's sphere of influence the more wealth and power they can achieve. The human collective bestows riches and fame upon those that strike a resonant chord. It favors those it feels speak for it and act in its own interests. In this degree we share our wisdom and teach others how to better their own lives. We become teachers and Elders, respected members of the community.
In today's world we become involved somehow in political movements and public education.

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