Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The Next Phase

You may have noticed a few stumbles in the post updates. There are a couple that are not pre-loaded and I have been late getting to them. The good news is that I have been working on some new projects that I will be sharing by the end of July so keep posted!

The most exciting project is the development of a new web page creation tool that creates programmable, self-updating webpages in a variety of colors and templates. It is ridiculously easy to use or will be and I will be offering it to the public when it is ready.

Right now I'm going from the working prototype stage into the more professional stage and hit a few snags once in awhile. This is stupid stuff due to my own ignorance of basic computer technology and programming. I keep finding the need to educate myself on one thing after another.

This tool will be set up to create a normal webpage with left and right side bars, a header and footer. The big differance will be the creation of modules within the page.

The Header will have its own module and template.
The Footer will have its own module and template.
Each sidebar will have three modules with their own individual templates.
(more modules are available)

So far nothing new right? Wrong!

Each module is created from the rss feed of a wordpress blog. That means each module is simply a blog entry woven together to create a stunning automated webpage that allows future posting of each module on an individual basis as well as php scripts within each module. If it will go into a wordpress blog it will go into the module and be filtered according to the desired template.

Each module can also be instantly changed by making a new blog entry or reposting an old one! This makes seasonal themes a snap! It also makes template changes a snap. It makes the old wysiwyg editor seem like a dinosaur.

This technology exists and Anarchist World Live is a prototype version. Every night I go to the live web page and copy it onto this blog. RSS feeds can not update within a blog. Blogs can create RSS feeds though and I needed Anarchist World as a valid RSS feed that could be syndicated. This is the next step and I'm working on it.

I will be offering webpage hosting packages with the new webpage creation system fully installed. That way I can make sure everything is working. If you are looking for a dynamic rss webpage creation tool wait just a bit longer. It will be offered as a free service with the web hosting package.

bright blessings

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