Thursday, July 19, 2007


Emptiness of the Soul

We all know them, perhaps we are one of them, those people that go through life without joy or expression focusing exclusively on the needs of the material and living vicariously through other people.

We are born with a physical body that has its own awareness. It has been called the Shadow, The Id, The Subconscious and the Evil twin or etheric double. Plainly speaking it is a secondary personality whose main function is to keep our physical body alive and ensure the perpetuation of the human species. It is not our awareness.

It exists as a fully developed astral body created out of the astral energies of 32 electrons that form the seventh and final outer shell of the heaviest possible atom. These electrons in astral form are the 32 bits of awareness or sensory perceptions used by the Shadow in its interaction with the world. We might say the Shadow sees the world in 32 shades or sensory inputs. It is fully functional and not integrated with the normal human ego.

At the opposite end of the spectrum the innermost electron shell has two electrons representing the elements Hydrogen and Helium. At birth this astral body is also active and has been called the Collective, Our Higher Self, SuperEgo and Holy Guardian Angel. It is also a secondary personality and perceives the world in black and white. With only two electrons for sensory input black and white imagery is the only thing possible. At this level the architypal reality of the universe is simplified to a basic living dual pole energy system.

Of the seven possible electron rings two are already used at birth by secondary personalities. That leaves only five left for the normal human ego to grow into as it develops.

The second has eight bits or sensory data and represents the abstract ability of logic and reasoning. This is enough to conceptualize and make simple models of reality in our minds. Mental reasoning lacks the complexity of the real thing and much is always lost in the translation. Thinking about sex and having sex are just not in the same category. We are not born with any bits of awareness in this area and may live our entire lives with impaired logic and reasoning abilities. The full development of these sensory data only come from using them on a constant basis over a period of time. Many people deliberately avoid using their minds. They will not read or think abstractly about anything. Others find great joy in feeding this area of their soul.

This area is in close contact with the Higher Self and often receives impulses as spiritual directives or guidance. These come to us as "illuminations". These "illuminations" are often the answer or solution to some problem that we have become ensnared in. We seek these spiritual insights because they help us get out of messes.

The third ring forms our sense of self and normal human ego. It also has eight bits of sensory data. We use these eight bits of sensory input to perceive the world. This corresponds to the eight human senses, vision,sound,taste,touch and smell as well as others that are not recognized but may include pain,motion and weight. Taken together they create our mental awareness of the world we live in.

We are not born with any bits of awareness in this area and may live our entire lives with impaired sensory abilities including blindness, deafness, the inability to feel pain and others. This is our core sense of self and the most developed of the five. We usually don't feel empty except for lack of self-esteem. Gaining a deeper awareness of the world we live in develops our self-esteem and our ability to be successful.

The fourth ring forms our upper emotional self and contains 18 sensory emotional inputs including love and joy. We are not born with any sensory awareness in this area and it needs to be developed through successful interaction with the outside world. Art, music and other forms of creative expression develop these abilities. We hunger for them because they feed and nourish deep areas of our soul. It seems deep because it contains 18 inputs and is incredibly rich and complex. These are emotions and difficult to explain or put into words and bring into conscious awareness. We simply feel them.

The fifth ring forms our lower emotional self and also contains 18 sensory emotional inputs but these are not as pleasant and much more challenging. They include fear, anger, hatred,depression and apathy. We are not born with any sensory awareness in this area and it is developed through our conflict with the physical world. We are frustrated because we perceive the world through 8 senses and it is not that simple. Our perception of the world is not adequate and we develop this area by pushing through to successful conclusions. In this way we gain more accurate knowledge of physical reality. These are actually 18 more "senses" that need to be developed. Some might call them instincts.

The sixth ring forms our sexual and physical natures as we experience them. This sensual area of the soul is extremely rich having 32 sensory channels to overwhelm us. None of these are developed at birth but are closely associated with the Shadow. The Shadow will send impulses and directives to help ensure the survival of the human body and the human species. At times these directives will be stronger than the normal ego and take over. As this area is developed so is the connection to our Shadow aspect.

What we call the human soul is those bits of sensory input between the Holy Guardian Angel and the Shadow. It is created of bits of mental functioning, conscious awareness, higher emotions, lower emotions and our physical and sexual nature. We grow our soul from birth onward and we hunger for completeness.

Those people with complete souls live rich lives. After integrating the Holy Guardian Angel and the Shadow aspects they can perceive the world through all 118 senses. They can see and experience things others people can't. This is the basis of all psychic ability and all magickal ability.

They live in the same world as the empty people only it is not the same world. The colors are richer, the sounds are more varied and the experiences more subtle. They do not live in their heads but in harmony of richness with deep meaningful experiences.

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