Saturday, July 07, 2007


An Even Further Step Back!

All I can say is this is a very dynamic time for me personally. It is full of changes and challenges as I try to thread my way through a maze of possibilities and thoughts that buzz through my head.

The one thing I remain certain about is the importance of Anarchist World and its global message of modern survivalism. Preloading the site makes regular maintenance and upkeep a minimum and allows more free time to be spent on new projects. Its the new projects that have me stumped.

I love the idea of sharing dynamic rss webpage technology and other open source internet alternatives but I hate the thought of spending hours in obsessive work sitting at a computer terminal. That is not what living is about. More than ever I need to get out and socialize, get a life! Community is important but flesh and blood community is most important.

Local activism and sharing of a common lifestyle and value system is needed more than anything and I still don't know the best way of achieving that. I can't sit at the computer and be out in the local community at the same time while working two jobs seven days a week. Something has to give. My marriage already has. Its time to consider priorities and restructure to fit a new lifestyle that is more human and rewarding.

As previously noted this is not going to affect Anarchist World. Anarchist World is already self-sustaining to a large degree. What is most likely is that I will begin to explore local resources and community and spend less time with technology or internet activities. This is a simple choice of human flesh and blood over electronic contacts and communications.

It will affect some of the new webpages and internet technologies that I was planning to develop. If anyone is interested in pursuing those areas you need to let me know and begin participating in the community forums. Without feedback I will only go so far. I am not interested in lurkers, I'm interested in doers.

I will bend over backwards for someone that is willing to do something. I have no time or sympathy for someone that spends their life surfing the net and reading the words of others without sharing their own thoughts and opinions. Community is the next step. Be willing to share. I have been.

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