Friday, July 13, 2007


The Nature of Hierarchy

To deny the existence of hierarchy within nature and within our daily lives is to invite disaster and constant struggle and suffering. There is nothing wrong with being at a low spot in the hierarchy or being in a high spot. The problem lies in not being in the correct spot.

Looking back on my life I realize one of the largest mistakes I have ever made was to not accept a position when it was available to me and I was the most qualified for it. This is a recipe for the greatest disaster imaginable. The person assuming the position would constantly feel I was a threat and I would always feel I did not really need to take them seriously.

With ability comes responsibility. That is one of the laws of the universe and has been taught by the mystery schools of all ages. Those that refuse or abdicate their positions do not only themselves but the entire world a huge disservice. As much or more harm comes from this error as having the wrong person in positions of power and authority. When the correct person will not step up to the plate the wrong person will step up and try to do their best even when it is beyond them.

Hierarchy is enforced by the human collective. Positions of power and authority are granted and leaders are entrusted to do what is right for us. We as voters choose from the available choices and the winner is the one that has the most support.

Like it or not the American collective chose President Bush as our leader. They also chose to participate in the war in Iraq. The human collective has the force and power of God. It chooses its leaders and is obligated to follow them. The relationship is a two way street.

Since the human collective represents the lowest common denominator of humanity and not the highest it is slow in change and slow in making up its mind but when it decides to act its speed will be blinding. No wonder the Illuminati study the science of influencing the human collective and manipulating it in the direction of their own goals and desires.

The missing element is the role of humanity's teachers and mystics that appear from time to time. The human collective is always slow to change. It resists change fiercely and puts down any threats to the status quo quickly and effectively. What happens when the old ways no longer work?

It is the task of the mystic or magus to find new ways of doing and believing. It is their task to oppose the collective when it is wrong and force the collective to change and move into a new direction. The mystic or magus feels the entire human collective working against him or her. It is as if every stone in the field is turned against them. There is no compromise possible. The polarization must be complete.

In this the collective must be for or against the mystic/magus. Either choice serves to ultimately bring about desired and needed change. Ultimately the mystic/magus has the evolutionary force of life and the universe on his or her side and the human collective must bow to the new ways of understanding and doing.

Those that accept the new choices find a place within the new paradigm. As long as they are not in conflict they are given freedom to think and do as they will. This is how it is in nature and the wild and how it will always be. The new collective will from that point on support and enforce the rule of the new paradigm. This major shift in the human collective is called the "New Age".

Those that resist this change will be expelled from it like the physical body resists and expels disease. The human collective is the body of humanity. It is in the process of making this paradigm shift right now. There is a new hierarchy forming and the old hierarchy only has the remnants of power given to it by those few that still believe in the almighty dollar, the war in Iraq and the fading vision of Christianity.

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