Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Reaping the Harvest

By now everyone should have some idea of what kind of harvest they will be reaping this fall. The new energy has a bite to it and people will either feel a marked release of stress or a marked increase.

What is happening is the earth has become astral and events are propelled by what we believe more than by physical reality. What this means is our narrow thinking will get us trapped into a corner if we are not careful. If we have prepared ourselves our thinking will bring us new opportunities. We act upon what we believe to be true and the results come more quickly than before for good or bad.

At the same time physical reality seems to harden around us and not respond to our efforts like it has in the past. That is because physical efforts are no longer as effective in creating physical change. We will find ourselves working harder and not getting anywhere. The thing that is needed is to change our way of thinking to something more open-ended and successful.

The answer comes from viewing the world in a new way. The world does not change but our way of relating to the world can and that will bring change into our lives. In biblical terms we have entered the "Tribulation". The bottom line is to keep doing what you are doing if it is working. If life is really dumping on you it's time to rethink your path. You might not be able to change your circumstances but you might be able to find peace.

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