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Taking a few steps back

I'm taking a few steps back and putting things in perspective. Anarchist World has only been online for around nine months. I have only gotten through "Anarchist Knight" one time and everything else is in the first time through. It's all pretty rough yet even though a definite form is taking shape.

In talking about a webpage contest this fall I'm jumping the gun and perhaps being unrealistic and pushy. It would be nice to have such a contest but I'm wondering if I can raise enough interest to get participants. People are simply not ready yet.

OAK is a modern mystery school and Anarchist World is the outer circle. The first three degrees of Freemasonry are called the "Blue Lodge". It is said that there is no more to true FreeMasonry than the first three degrees. All the higher degrees are philosophical and speculative. They are not really needed.

In Wicca or witchcraft there are only three degrees echoing this same concept. Like Freemasonry in it's original form it is called the "craft" and one year and a day must be spent in a particular degree before you can move on to the next degree.

The Rosicrucian Order AMORC was a derivative of "The Ancient and Primitive Rite" of Freemasonry organized by John Yarker. It never claimed to be "Masonic" and avoided the fate of its competitor, the OTO.

The OTO or Ordo Templi Orientis followed a similar pattern under the re-organization by Aleister Crowley. This Order claimed to include all branches of FreeMasonry under one umbrella and simplified all of the Masonic degrees down into ten degrees and three stages or circles. The "Outer" was termed the "Man of Earth" degrees and given freely to any of good report.

The "Man of Earth" degrees consisted of the first three degrees with the inclusion of a fourth as a transitional stepping stone into the second order.

Taking a step back we see a pattern of ego and soul development with distinct stages that can not be rushed. Each person must fully experience the power and force of the lower degrees and gain a mastery of them before moving on to the higher degrees and the "Inner Order".

Anarchist World contains the essential elements of these four degrees and is the "Outer Order" that is open to the public. The information is given freely without thought of return or commitment.

"Magister Templi" contains the essential first degree teachings for conceptual initiation into a new world and a new way of looking at the world. In any mystery school the first task is to learn the general concepts and gain a general understanding of what is expected. The expectation of OAK is stated on the very beginning of Anarchist World. Each person is expected to follow the inner voice of their own conscience and their own "inner authority". We might even term this a type of mental re-programing that brings about spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. The information is placed in your hands. What you do with that information is up to you.

"Modern Survivalism" contains the essential second degree teachings for personal survival and self-empowerment in today's world. In this degree you are expected to put into practice what you have learned and gain a solid mastery of your own life. Through effort and hard work everyone is entitled to a modest home, a modest income and a modest life that is harmonious and satisfying. We might call the second degree as getting your act together.

"Alligator Alley:Modern Survivalism contains the essential third degree teachings about community and the human collective. Brotherhood and collective goals are important and where the real power is. Anyone that has achieved wealth and fame has gotten it through the human collective by providing a product or service that others are willing to pay for. In the bible Jesus said that he was able to perform miracles because people believed in him. This is what the third degree is about, believing in others and having others believe in you.

Knowing something and doing it are two separate things. In the OAK system the first three degrees are for "lurkers". These are people that are interested in the material but not willing to join a community or come out of the closet in support of Anarchist World. Their stage of ego development has not reached the stage where they feel comfortable in meeting others of like mind and values. Their ego is not strong enough to move into open association and commitment to the position taken by Anarchist World. They are not ready to come out of the closet and move into the higher degrees.

The Anarchist World Community is the next step and represents the fourth degree of participation in a collective group of like minds and spirits. If Anarchist World does not feel like home then you don't belong here. It is really that simple. If it does feel like home, make it your home. You are with your own people for the first time in your life.

In the creation of Anarchist World I've stumbled across a way to create dynamic rss webpages. This is an important advantage for anyone trying to do business on the web but not that important to others. What is important is finding people of like mind and spirit in your own local community. This is the function of the higher degrees, finding a local community of flesh and blood that you can belong to. In the meantime it is possible to find needed support within the internet community.

I have no intention of marketing dynamic rss webpages to the public. It would be casting pearls before swine. Any of the Anarchist World Technology is for the membership. It is for those that believe and share the same values as I do. It is for those willing to take the plunge and participate within the Anarchist World Community. It is for those willing to act upon what they know and what they believe. It is within this context that I will create dynamic rss webpages for anyone interested in trying them out.

If you feel like you belong here and this is your home consider asking for a dynamic rss webpage. You will need to provide the blog created rss feeds. I will use those feeds to create your dynamic rss webpage to try for 30 days. If you are interested in entering a webpage contest you can use your webpage for free until the conclusion of the contest on the Autumn Equinox. More information will follow.

bright blessings

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