Sunday, August 19, 2007


Full Moon with Sun in Virgo

I'm just adding a bit to the wheel of the year info. This full moon coming up on the 28th of August marks the final harvest of the lower astral levels. You can expect some heavy astral activity till then including dreams.

It seems that activity will take place on the astral or on the physical but not on both. Heavy astral activity is marked with not much going on physically and vice versa. After the full moon expect a shift to physical manifestations. The astral harvest will be complete for the rest of the season.

Its hard to put into words that make sense but I will try. Like the printing que on my computer many printing jobs can be lined up at one time waiting to be printed out. This full moon will complete the printing que of physical events lasting up to the End of October. Major long term events were finalized last fall and began manifesting last November. These events have been printing out over the past winter, spring and summer with some minor changes. This period is simply the final edits to a manuscript that has already been written many months ago last year. The end of October being the pagan new year and the time when the veil between worlds is the thinnest. It is the time when a new printing que begins.

We can just wait at the basket and grab the papers as they are printed out or continue working on 2008 projects that won't see results until next year sometime. The cut off for our major changes in the 2008 projects is the autumn equinox. The month before the autumn equinox is the most powerful time of the year for last minute changes to our long term plans.

Like a cosmic game of chess we take our move and the following period after the equinox belongs to the Cosmic and Collective to make its own move in answer to ours. We have given our long term plans their best shot and now any opposition will try to find loop holes and weaknesses.

In the meantime we remain busy with the final material harvest and reaping what we have sown.

So interesting that the Blood Moon is said to be a harbinger of change... Hours prior to the Moonrise I learned that the owners of my rented apartment were terminating my (7 year) lease so that they could move in!
Over the following days I have found a lovely new home, three new exciting job offers and renewed physical energy, mental clarity, and spiritual enrichment - my loving partner and I are closer than ever... Aaaah - gotta be loving this!
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