Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Natural Beginnings and Endings

The universe rounds things off into natural endings and beginnings. This is partly because events gravitate toward each other in the astral planes much like gravity draws matter together in the physical world.

This means that there are important points in time where many things happen at once. They are all tied together in a critical nexus point that creates a window of opportunity as well as a chance to finish things.

Mid October has always been a critical nexus point for me personally. Major life events happen during this time of year for me and this year is no exception. I will be both separating from my wife and moving into a small home in the country on the 1st of October. I might not be able to have internet hook up for as much as a month. I really have no idea when I can get back online in full strength.

I thought about moving to an automated page but there seems to be a glitch when lots of people try to use the page. I think the server goes nuts because of the complex code used to generate the page. It works much better when I copy and paste the page onto this blog so that is what I will continue to do. Please be aware that I am moving and there will be some delays in updating this page.

You can still go to the blogs and read new material because the blogs will update automatically even if this page won't.

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