Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Re-Enlisting for the New Cycle

Dreams are strange things and people have been trying to understand the astral planes for centuries. Dreams are the doorway into the astral planes.

Last night was the full moon after the fall equinox. This is a powerful time in the astral and my dream this morning echoed that.

I was in a room full of people that were re-enlisting or enlisting for the first time into a new cycle of some kind. Whatever it was, it was recruitment for a major cycle. Someone even mentioned that I was signing up for my third mission, something almost unheard of because most people need a break after a major mission.

After this person mentioned that I was signing up for a third mission I stood up and said that I had enlisted once in the airforce, once in the navy and presumably this time was in the army.

I interpret this to mean that my first major mission was spiritual/mystical (Airforce). My second mission was astral/magickal (Navy). And the third coming up will be physical (Army).

The first half of my life was intense spiritual work that involved connecting with the energy of the new age and bringing it into the earth. This ended around 1992 when I was living in Phoenix and ironically in the Air Force.

The second half of my life has been intense involvement in the astral and magickal planes working with other light workers to help the earth transition into 4th density. That has just happened and dreams like the one this morning reflect the ending of this cycle and the beginning of a new major cycle and project.

I've already predicted a major global event for the weekend right before Halloween this year. That is the full moon one month from now. Again my dream reflects people getting ready for a new wave of activity.

I am going to be using this blog to update people on major astral events as I gain awareness of them.

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