Sunday, September 30, 2007


Taking a Sabatical

Things never turn out the way you plan them and this move of mine is no exception. Tonight is the last night I will have internet service and I've elected not to get any until next spring. It has been taking way to much of my time and I really need to be working on completion of my writing projects. I've got to cut costs and this is how the ax falls.

I need to finish Alligator Alley-Survivalism, Magick, Mystery and Madness, Illuminati Protocols Commentary and Anarchist Journeyman. I haven't even started Anarchist Journeyman yet. I want to have them all done by next spring and that is a lot of work.

With those out of the way I might be able to resume artwork for the tarot deck. I've got the 22 Trump cards done in first draft but need 56 more. Something needs to give and it needs to be the internet for a few months at least.

The pages might not update but the information is still there and available for those willing to dig into the archives of each individual blog. When I start the page up again next spring it will include the newly written material as well so it will be worth waiting for.

Please consider participation in the Anarchist World Community. This is an important part of Anarchist World that has not been used by anyone. If no one has begun using it by next spring I will get rid of it. Community is the most important part of self-empowerment. It's taken me a long time to learn that lesson. I'm getting more involved locally and making new friends through the Lakes Area Pagan. This is a local magazine I'm putting out twice a year.

In a way I'm trading an internet presence for a local flesh and blood presence. I'm curious to see how things will turn out. All of the web sites will remain active. I'm planning on starting everything back up with even more and better material available. This includes more books as well as a local magazine.

This is a serious choice for me and not an easy one since I have developed the site to the point I have been getting over 220 unique visitors each day! That has all happened in the one year this site has been online. There is definitely a need for this type of material. I hate to think of starting all over but it is a risk I need to take. I need to produce some more material and this material remains available in limited form. That's the best I can do right now.

I am convinced that the changes in my life are forewarnings for drastic changes in the public as well. I'm cutting back and heading for the woods in survival mode and I think that's going to happen to a lot of people this year. 2008 is a year of change and not a good time to be over extended in any area of life. Enjoy as much of it as you can.

Until next spring,

bright blessings

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