Monday, September 03, 2007


Zeitgeist-The Movie

I've just watched Zeitgeist-The Movie for the first time. It takes a lot to get me worked up but I needed to go out and walk about four miles just to calm down. As we near the anniversary of 9/11 I think it is vital that everyone sees this movie and begins to understand the enormity of how the American public has been duped. You can view this movie at:

Zeitgeist-The Movie

In other news I'm a bit behind setting the automatic posts up for this month but hope to get it done today. This month is going to be very crazy since I need to be moved by Oct 1st and need to find a place to live. Please be patient with me through this craziness.

On a more positive note I've recently completed LAKES AREA PAGAN and sent off for the first copy to proof it. This is a local magazine by and for the local pagan and Wiccan community and the first issue is wonderful! I will be listing it on Anarchist World and it will be available both as an email download and hard copy. Any proceeds coming from online sales will be turned right back into the magazine. There is no money being made on this labor of love. It is a community activity and the local tallent is incredible! I've commited to four issues of this magazine over the next two years.

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