Sunday, March 09, 2008


Getting Back on Line

Anarchist World is back and more powerful and informative than ever before. In addition to the circulating material there will be lots of new material that I know people will find interesting. This winter Anarchist World has averaged 40 unique visitors every day. That does not include robots or search engines, that is actual people. One of the things I want to do is get some counters going on the site so people can really see how popular Anarchist World is!

Perhaps the most exciting news is the new material that will eventually be made into an autobiographical book called Astral Sex, Lucid Dreaming, Soulmates & ESP. This will include lots of personal experience and insight into uncommon subjects.

Secondly, I’ve got the OAK Tarot Trump series going and it has artwork! This has been a long time in the works and I’m glad to be able to offer it.

Third is the second issue of Lakes Area Pagan, a local magazine. The spring issue will be in the book store in a few weeks. This is an important mile stone for me personally and a coming out as a Wiccan/Pagan in the local community.

It will be May before I am completely set up in new living quarters with internet access. In the meantime the automated features will be working and I will be adding new material on weekends as well. For all practical purposes Anarchist World is now on line and should experience no interruptions. I just will not be able to hone and polish things with the limited access I currently have.

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