Monday, April 28, 2008


Materialism, Magick and Earth's Energy Grid

It's time to talk about earth's energy grid and what it means to each of us. I've talked about the importance of tapping into the lowest earth energy and the highest spiritual energy or the photon energy. There is a powerful alternating current that flows between these two extremes and they form the earth's energy grid.

All things physical and astral must submit to the energy grid that surrounds the earth or they will be destroyed. Materialism simply means to be linked in harmony with the earth's energy grid. When you are vibrating at the correct frequencies the earth supports your efforts at physical manifestation.

Astral creations must also submit to these base frequencies or be destroyed. There is a base frequency for each element found in nature. We need to vibrate in harmony with these base frequencies or the earth will turn every stone against us.

This is a chemical and physical phase locking of energies in a supportive way. This happens on higher octaves as well. Organic or cellular energy needs to harmonize with the earth's energy grid or the living system will suffer. This is speaking in broad terms of the entire ecosystem of the earth including all plant and animal life.

At an even higher level all man made things and concepts must also vibrate in harmony with the base levels of the earth's energy grid. This means functionality is an important part of our social creations. We have rules and regulations in order to get things done.

The earth's energy grid has just gone through a major transition and quantum leap to a higher level of vibrational frequency called the New Age. This has just happened this year and the base frequencies of the energy grid have altered. Nothing is solidly connected anymore and seeking to get back in sync.

The earth is struggling to activate new energy pathways and encounters the resistance of man made obstacles and man made thinking. Life forms are struggling to get back in harmony with the new frequencies. Our economy is a good example of a man made concept that is afloat and no longer tied to physical realities.

Everything that exists is energy and the earth's energy grid is Boss! When it touches you, you will comply or be destroyed. It will raise you up to a new level that is in harmony or drag you down to a lower level that is in harmony. It will not allow you to remain out of sync with it.

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