Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Self Empowerment With a Sledgehammer

There are so many distortions and misconceptions about our world it makes me frustrated and angry. I would like to speak very bluntly and plainly about some of the things I have discovered through personal experience and research. I am speaking from the heart.

Our universe consists of vibrations. This is an old metaphysical maxim that holds true. Our world and each of us is a collection of molecules, electrons and magnetic fields. Energy and mass are interchangeable. At the base level human beings are essentially bio-computers much more advanced than any computer built today but fundamentally operating in a similar manner.

The average person is not even self-programming but simply follows a pre-programmed loop of actions, reactions and thought patterns. Awareness travels through thought associations just like a computer moves through a program. It can get stuck in the same manner a computer can get stuck. This is why we need a belief system that will allow our awareness to move where we wish to go. Our personal computer program is often not flexible enough for our needs and will not allow us to find solutions to specific life situations.

To add insult to injury the book, Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce introduces and proves the existence of mind-split. There are many projected doubles and each is autonomous with its own individual awareness. They are only integrated back together when they re-enter the body upon awakening. We each have observer selves and a dream may have multiple aspects of our projected awareness interacting with each other. While our task might be to integrate them as much as possible the truth is that a projected mental body perceives mental energies in a mental universe and a projected emotional body perceives emotional energies in an emotional universe. They never will be able to really integrate and understand each other. They operate in different environments.

Perhaps even more profound is the understanding that awareness is not continuous. We “blank out” and “wake up” constantly in the same way a computer can be shut down and when started up goes right back to what it was doing when it shut down. Anyone that doubts this can try the simple experiment of watching a spinning drill as it slows down and stops. At it slows down a point is reached where the drill seems to be moving backwards like the stagecoach wheels on old TV westerns. At the point the drill seems to move backwards the rotating speed has matched the visual signal being sent to our optic nerves.

Awareness seems continuous because we unconsciously fill in the missing spots. We can not conceive of not being aware. In like manner the differences between males and females are so profound that only recently are these differences being seriously studied. The opposite sex simply can’t be that different but it is.

Science talks about matter and anti-matter and what happens when they are brought together. There is an explosion of pure light and pure energy. What science doesn’t talk about is that life evolved out of this matter and anti-matter and became male and female. Somehow in some way when male and female are brought together it is the same thing but on a higher octave and life is created. In the Macrocosm matter and anti-matter join to create light and energy. In the Microcosm male and female join together to create the birth of a new life.

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