Thursday, April 03, 2008


What Happens When You Become a God or Goddess?

Words get in the way. Certain words mean certain things to different people. There is a need to define just exactly what it is that I am talking about here.

I believe that all valid religions and mystery schools of the past taught the development of the soul and its powers. I believe occultists teach the same thing under different names and I also believe that modern psychology comes close when it uses the Jungian term of “Individuation”.

The ancient Taoists called it the “immortal physical body”. Modern occultists call it the “Etheric Double”. We get glimpses of this ability when we have lucid dreams. These dreams are so vivid that they include sound, smell, weight, the ability to read and of course normal waking conscious.

There are seven astral bodies that can be developed. These include the “body of light” which is a round ball of energy that is not human shaped. Next is the “Spiritual body” which is human shaped but is like a balloon without any real features.

Below these we find astral bodies created out of Abstract Mental energies, Concrete Mental energies, Upper Emotional energies, Lower Emotional energies, Etheric energies and physical energies. Each chakra or energy center in the body has its own astral body that can be projected. Each lower astral body contains its own sensory abilities and its own form of consciousness. Each astral body perceives a different aspect of our physical present moment environment.

When you lose yourself in a book you are travelling in a projected mental body. Your awareness has gone to an imagined place that is very real even if it is imagined. When you sense that someone is angry or happy you are tapping into their projected emotions and becoming aware of them. Your own emotions project outward in the same way and sensitive people can tell how you are feeling.

To become a God or Goddess is to permanently activate all of these nonphysical bodies and integrate them together into one solid awareness. This is the Jungian process of “individuation” as I understand it. The ability to do this involves walking both the mystical and magickal paths of soul development as well as the integration of our male and female aspects and our Holy Guardian Angel as well as our Shadow self.

You can see this is a pretty tall order but individuals have been doing this throughout recorded history. All of the Gods and Goddesses in all the Pantheons of recorded history were once mortals that achieved this state of “Individuation”.

In my next post I will talk about the powers and abilities this type of God or Goddess might hold while in a mortal physical body. The main point of this post is that the nonphysical bodies and awareness live after their physical bodies die. That is why they have been called Gods and Goddesses. This is also what Jesus meant by entering into the kingdom of heaven. He meant becoming this kind of God or Goddess through the development of the “immortal physical body”. He taught his followers to become like him and to have the same abilities he had.

Today’s world has become so materialistic that such a concept is unthinkable. That is why this very concept is so important and must be shared. Salvation in today’s world means to be healthy spiritually, mentally, emotionally, sexually and physically. This can only be done the same way it has always been done, through the development of the soul and its powers.

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