Sunday, April 20, 2008


Working with Physical Energy

I've spent my adult life in extensive study of many philosophies and disciplines. Things are finally condensing out of the murk and I'm left with a world view that is profoundly different from anything I've ever run across in all of my studies.

The human race is about to make a quantum leap forward and I'm proud to be an active part of this profound change.

In the coming months I am going to explore these new concepts in detail but I will give a brief summary of my findings in this post.

The bottom line is that personal effort and the generation of extreme energy spikes on a daily basis over long periods of time are what develops the soul and personal power including the ability to manifest things physically in the physical world.

For example one half hour workout with Russian Kettlebells will generate a spike of physical energy because of the intensity of the full body workout. That spike of physical energy will enter the astral and attempt to create an energy body but will not be enough because of the elastic nature of the astral worlds. The energy will tend to dissipate instead of breaking through into new areas. What is needed is two separate workouts. The combined energy spike will break through the resistance and propel the development of an energy body that is in harmony with the earth's energy grid.

Two such workouts are guaranteed to produce vivid empowering dream activity during the night as the energy finds a new resolution. One will not produce such dramatic results.

I'm using a Kettlebell workout as an example but other forms of martial arts have complex and involved techniques that are not really important or needed. It is the generation of energy that is needed, not the technique.

This will produce an energy body created out of physical energy and develop the connection to the earth's energy grid.True connection to the earth's energy grid creates competence in physical living skills. The athlete does this and prospers. The martial artist does this and prospers. The development of this energy body creates an objective and materialistic view of the world. It allows us to think and act realistically.

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