Sunday, July 06, 2008


Catching Up

I haven't been on much lately because things have been so busy. The translation work is going well but slow. I've completed translations for these works by Hanns Heinz Ewers:
Edgar Allan Poe, and two short stories, The Lost Monkey and How Eleven Chinese Devoured Their Bride. I'm currently working on the third,My Funeral.

What I would like to do is finish the third story and send all four to the Hanns Heinz Ewers estate for approval. Dr. Wilifried Kugel owns the rights to the original works of Hanns Heinz Ewers and I'm hoping that I can get some type of approval to make my translations available.

I am reading these stories for the first time as I translate them and continue to be surprised. Both at the content and at the insights into human nature. More than once I've wondered what I am getting myself into.

The Anarchist World Archive pages are moving along as well. I hope to get all the old material organized and in place in the new location by next summer when I will be phazing this website out. This was an experimental site with its rotating materials.

I have had mixed success but not enough success to keep it going. No information is going to be lost, at least no important information. It will just find a more traditional stationary home.

My work on Edgar Allan Poe was really eye opening and filled in some missing pieces of my own paradigm. Many artists of the past and even today still believe very strongly in the art through intoxication principle.

I have a more comprehensive understanding of what is going on that is also much more simple. Essentially you stress the body until you have an out of body experience! If you spin around fast you will get dizzy enough to feel the astral body losen and disconnect. Drugs do much the same thing by stressing the body with toxins and releasing huge amounts of energy into the astral. Unfortunately they damage the physical body in the process. We might add such extreme techniques as fasting and flagelation and other tortures.

Working with sexual energy gives off similar energy but does not damage the body and replenishes itself. The problem with sexual energy is to avoid getting pregnant. Suddenly many of the strange sexual practices of different traditions begin to make sense.

Not counting bestiality there are three ways of working with sexual energy. They are heterosexual, homosexual and auto-erotic. Of all the ways of working with sexual energy in a serious manner only the auto-erotic avoids the risks of sexually transmitted disease and relationship complications. This is probably why the Catholic Church insisted that its priests remain celebate. Auto-erotic practice involves Incubus and Succubus type experiences. This would also account for the visitation of angels and demons.

The production of art requires lots of energy and it must get it from somewhere. This is an interesting topic discussed in Edgar Allan Poe.

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