Saturday, July 12, 2008


A Few Changes

I've removed the open topic blog because no one has ever used it. I've replaced it with the Hanns Heinz Ewers blog.
In other news I'm crystalizing a lot of information in my brain and trying to decide the best way of presenting it. I'm still thinking the archives page is the best bet. I like how things are shaping up there. If you haven't checked it out try it!

Dragon Door has changed providers and I haven't upated into their system yet. Hopefully you will see some new things from them as well. I simply can't say enough about Dragon Door and Pavel Tsatsouline except they are for real! Russian Kettlebells are the ideal complement my own material. If you want to generate energy they certainly know some of the best ways of doing it.

You will see more focus around Poe and Ewers simply because I am working with that material. I never realized how metaphysical Poe was and I would like to explore more of his material with that goal in mind. There is an underlying reality and common experience behind all of this and I'm determined to find it.

Metaphysically I think Anarchist World covers the major important areas of self-empowerment better than anywhere else in the world. The only major missing element is the third degree material of working with the collective and with group energy.

If you want physical success in this world in terms of wealth and fame you need to have a product or service that others want. That is the bottom line and it is really that simple. In this area other people grant power to those they see fit. Finding that product or service is the tricky part. Then you need to find a way to connect with those that are interested. That is what this website is about!

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