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OAK, Energized Enthusiasm and Unity

I take a look at the massive amount of material and hard work that I have done with the OAK material and this webpage. How did I have the energy? Crowley asked the same question about his own work in his essay "Energized Enthusiasm'. Hanns Heinz Ewers discussed a similar subject in his "Edgar Allan Poe".

Where does all this energy come from? Fortunately we have abundant clues. Paval Tsatsouline describes how Russian Kettlebells and other techniques for generating physical energy can develop super human strength and endurance. The bottom line is that massive amounts of physically generated energy over long periods of time are required. The good news is that the amount of energy needed is finite and the results are permanent. The accumulation of energy is progressive and dependent on quantity, not quality or technique.

For Crowley and his OTO it was the generation of sexual energy through "sex magick". For him this meant generation of sexual energy through auto-erotic, heterosexual and homosexual activities with a focus on heterosexual activities as described through his "scarlet women".

For Mantak Chia it means the cultivation of sexual energy without sperm loss for males.

For Paval Tsatsouline it means hard physical workouts through Russian Kettlebells and other activities of extreme nature.

For Hanns Heinz Ewers it meant the "Divine Intoxication of Love" and the not so divine intoxication of drug and alcohol use in his "Art through Intoxication" technique.

Right here we have three tried and true examples of energy generation that have worked in the past and continue to work in the present. We can see all of these factors present in the artistic and creative community around the world.

There needs to be massive amounts of energy generated and it needs to be channeled into creative projects, spirit children, if you will. This is not a normal process. Art goes against nature and the circulation of this energy into the innner worlds meets powerful resistance.

Let's stop a moment and regroup. Modern science says that matter and energy are interchangeable. Newton says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This generation of energy is met with an equal and opposite energy.

This is both paradox and paradox resolution because these energies will oppose each other violently up to a point where the paradox is resolved and they snap together in perfect unity like the yin/yang symbols. Then they work together in harmony like the opposites light/electricity,North and South magnetic poles.

We need to generate energy against all resistance until our paradox is resolved and our energy snaps into place in unity with its opposite.

All physical matter is subservient to the physical laws of nature. Atoms and molecules follow the laws of light,electricity and magnetism. This is the foundational energy cycle that must be integrated. We must live our lives in a way that is in agreement with the laws of nature.

On a higher octave we find organic energy and the circle of life. There is a seperate unique life energy that flows independently through all living organic matter. Willhelm Reich called it Orgone energy. As living organic organisms we need to act in harmony with the great circle of life that exists on earth. All living things serve a vital collective and co-dependent purpose. The circle of life must not be destroyed or endangered. This is the law of life.

On a still higher octave we find human energy or social energy. This is the human world we have created for ourselves with its laws and customs. These laws and customs allow the human race to survive. The collective force of humanity is a powerful force much more powerful than any individual. However, an individual that is in harmony with the law of nature and the law of life is more powerful than the human laws that are against nature and against life.

At such times it is the work of the Magus to bring the human collective back into harmony with the law of nature and the law of life. That is why great Masters appear from time to time with new messages for the advancement of humanity.

There are always three stages. Light, Darkness, Unity/Good, Evil, Beyond Good and Evil/Male, Female, and Yin/Yang combined/Mystical, Magickal, and Both. Our human egos struggle to integrate the male and female natures that are inside each of us, our anima and animus. When strong enough we attempt to integrate our "Higher Self" and our "Shadow".

Cycles within cycles of dual opposing forces growing in power until the resolution of paradox that allows them to snap together in perfect unity. We even see this in our dualistic government with the two party system of Republican and Democrat.

What does all this have to do with OAK? There is always a unified system. There is always a pattern that the energy of nature, the energy of life and the energy of humanity can flow through in a unified way. A system that gets results. OAK is such a system. The only requirement is the physical generation of energy on an individual basis. It is based on the energy dynamics of modern chaos theory and quantum leaps.

It is how I have been able to produce so much material while working two jobs and living in near poverty. I am glad to say the paradox of opposing energys has finally found resolution and OAK is moving forward as a "unified" energy gestalt with its own self-perpetuating mechanisms in place. I experience no more serious opposition.

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